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Tracking your website with Google Analytics is very easy, and it’s free, giving you insights into how your visitors use your site. Currently, it is used for Google marketing platforms for different brands. But the problem is that it’s not easy to get the data from Google Analytics into a database.

On the other side, in 2019, Google analytics was the most useful web analytics service worldwide. It provides an SDK (software development kit) that allows the collection of usage data from iOS and Android apps and is known as Google Ana-lytics for mobile apps. It can help organizations to get the top user traffic, the success of their marketing activities, track goal competition, and trends in user engagement. In addition, as you know, anyone starts their business from a small step. So, small and big firms or brands use Google analytics to check customer behavior analytics that can be improved by marketing campaigns, drive web traffic, and retain visitors.

The million-time question is, how Google Analytics works? So, Google analytics is written in JavaScript language. And many users will always be invisible to it. JavaScript is a universal language, but everyone can’t turn off JavaScript on their browsers. Nowadays, every phone and desktops has JavaScript capability installed by default. And on the other hand, still, many users have a number of old systems, so they don’t have JavaScript. As a result, they will never show their result in the Analytics report. In contrast, some users can change their settings to prevent JavaScript from affecting their browsers.