ChatGPT Perks in Smartwatches – Seems Like Sci-Fic Fantasy Come True

ChatGPT Perks in Smartwatches

ChatGPT is being popular across the tech industry as it is globally reaching a new frontier, smartwatches. Let us share the amazing news that generative AI as a feature will be introduced in the Fitness brand Amazfit GTR4 device.

While watching the recently posted Demo on LinkedIn, ChatGPT will be mentioned as ChatGenius in the GTR4’s menu, and from there, you’re allowed to inquire about anything you want. The video clip tells how they can enhance running performance. Then ChatGenius responds within a few seconds with various answer paragraphs that you may easily go through and read completely by turning down the watch face crown. Tap on the display to remove the previous response, and you can ask other new questions.

Interestingly, you can also ask ChatGenius how your day was, and it will also inform you how many steps you walked, including the current heart rate.

Besides Demo, less information was provided regarding how ChatGPT will perform the job on Amazfit GTR4. While other reports claimed you could ask general queries like weather predictions or traffic, just like in any other smartwatch. Although, which other Amazfit devices will even get the feature yet unidentified. In fact, through the video, we get to know ChatGPT support depends on the version of the watch and your area of living, as the United States has confirmed now.

Another important factor is that Amazfit surpassed the tech giants and integrated first-party support for generative AI into a smartwatch. A third-party app named watchGPT for the Apple Watch is the equivalent of ChatGPT on a device like the Apple Watch. It performs essentially in the same way. You launch the app, ask questions, and receive a lengthy response. There are some obvious changes, though.

For beginners, it costs around $3.99, whereas Amazfit’s feature is free. Yet, you can “share the result of your contact” with others through text, email, or social media messages. At this time, it is unclear if the GTR4 can do the same. In either case, Amazfit has successfully pushed limits earlier than anyone else. We believe it will soon be possible for companies like Apple or Google to support first-party generative AI on smartwatches. After all, the technology is already there in browsers and search engines.

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