ChatGPT Popularity Gives Nvidia an Unexpected Boost

ChatGPT Popularity Gives Nvidia
ChatGPT Popularity Gives Nvidia

The increasing popularity of Open AI ChatGPT continues to generate a lot of buzzes. Microsoft is using the same technology to rule its brand-new Bing Chat. It’s secure to say that ChatGPT may continue this upward trend for some time. It’s great news for Microsoft and OpenAI, but they aren’t the only ones who benefited.

As per the reports, the sales of Nvidia Graphic Cards may be about to boost. With the development of ChatGPT, OpenAI might need as many as 10,000 new GPUs to support the growing models, and Nvidia emerges as the most likely supplier.

According to TrendForce, the GPT model that rules ChatGPT will soon need a sizeable boost in hardware to expand the development. The number of parameters used in this AI language model rose from 120 million in 2018 to around 180 billion in 2020. However, it didn’t share any 2023 estimates, so it’s safe to suppose that these numbers will constantly increase as much as technology and budget allow.

Moreover, the firm says that the GPT model required enormous 20,000 graphic cards to process training data in 2020. As it constantly expands, that number will likely rise to above 30,000. This is the biggest news for NVIDIA.

Although, all these calculations are only based on assumptions that Open AI would be using NVIDIA’s A100 GPUs to control the language model. These NVIDIA’s powerful graphic cards are quite expensive. They are also not NVIDIA’s top data center cards at once, so it’s possible that OpenAI would go for the newer H100 cards instead, which are supposed to convey up to three times the performance of the A100.

However, NVIDIA is seen as the go-to solution for AI-related tasks, so it’s likely that it can score a profitable deal if and when OpenAI decides to scale up.

But here the question arises should gamers be concerned if NVIDIA does, indeed, end up supplying massive 10,000 GPUs to boost ChatGPT? Though, it depends. The graphic cards needed by Open AI have nothing to do with NVIDIA’S Best GPUs for Gamers. So gamers do not need to worry.

But, if Nvidia ends up moving some production to data center GPUs, we could encounter a limited supply of consumer graphics cards.

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