ChatGPT Server Down: OpenAI isn’t Working Around the World

ChatGPT Server Down
ChatGPT Server Down

Yesterday on 20-3-2023, users of ChatGPT around the world complained that the OpenAI stopped working. The website health monitor Down detector recorded hundreds of reports from ChatGPT and GPT-4 users who criticized that OpenAI is down and not working.

OpenAI website specified an outage on, observing numerous occurrences in recent days.

However, OpenAI claims that the massive success of the GPT-4 software has already shown capability in a wide arrangement of tasks and can grip much more instructions than its prototype ChatGPT.

Despite this ChatGPT server being down, users have to recreate classic video games in seconds with GPT-4 and use it to cooperate with human workers to complete real-world responsibilities.

Jack Clark, the co-founder of AI researcher, wrote in a Twitter thread, “A mental model I have of AI is it was unevenly linear development from the 1960s-2010, then exponential 2010-2020s forwards.”

Put in simple words, he stated that in the coming years, growth would look illogical.

Moreover, he said, “we don’t have time to take numerous actions to place us all for better success, and info disproportionateness has a past of mucking things up. I am attempting to mask off what I trust about all this mess of ChatGPT server down in 2023.”

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