Don’t Buy Land in Metaverse!

Buy Land in Metaverse
Buy Land in Metaverse

If you’re here to know how to buy land in Metaverse, Huge investors don’t care about it and this is why they didn’t tell this to you, but you have to know this if you are looking to buy land in Metaverse! This is what they don’t tell you!

Everybody wants to buy land in Metaverse own that piece of real estate, but what is Metaverse? Although the question of Metaverse is still unanswered for the most of us, each of us have a different version of our own comprehension of Metaverse. For some it is gaming and for others it’s work, no matter how you form your opinion on it; metaverse is still something not fully comprehended.

It’s This Simple!

Marko Suvajdzic, who’s an expert in this field explain TRT World in an interview that Metaverse isn’t an exclusive to only Meta or any other entity. Instead, it’s a label that can be applied to any software that hosts public activity which owns the land or rents the real estate. There can be as many metaverses as people. It’s just like making a website, you can make one or have someone make it for you. Either way, you can be there, use the resources.

how to buy land in metaverse
how to buy land in metaverse

Understanding What it Means to Buy Land in Metaverse

Let’s understand what is land in real life vs in Metaverse, and how profitable is it to buy land in metaverse.

Buy Land In Real World

The land in our world is vast and you can’t possibly see all of it. If the real estate is that huge, shouldn’t everyone have some? There’s enough room for everyone. But the land costs in real world, some land is in far country side which is way cheaper than an apartment in Los Angeles.

There are different constructors who build the place better and people buy it. The popular it gets; more people start buying the surrounding. This causes the prices of that land to rise. This attracts businesses and thus the place can be a good marketplace.

Buy Land In Metaverse

If you want to buy land in metaverse, it works exactly like the land in real world. It is valuable where people choose to buy more, or if it’s popular. Developers populate an area and attract investors to invest in the neighborhood, which causes the real estate prices to go up. The demand of the neighboring places of famous people attracts the crowd to the crowd who got excited. It works like a domino effect.

The Hype to Buy Land in Metaverse

Now you understand how the actual value of land in Metaverse. It is actually a hype of people who are really excited for this technology. This makes an impact on the rest of the world thinking this is something taking off right now and you will miss out if you don’t purchase the real estate.

Not for now. What do I mean by that? Here’s the answer…

how to buy metaverse
how to buy metaverse

How Lucrative is it to Buy Land in Metaverse?

Metaverse is not something in the future, it is now, it is happening and it will just keep on evolving. I agree on that, but my emphasis is on the idea that this is still in the initial state of development. This bubble is making you fool to buy land in Metaverse so you, yourself can raise the price of whatever land is left behind.

It is Profitable to Buy Land in Metaverse, True But

There’s a catch, the places you have heard like Decentraland and Sandbox. These places cost like a ton and are highly profitable for the future. Precisely, if you own a piece of either of these lands, you have the treasure of future. You can rent these lands, build your galleries, host parties, etc. Whatever you do with that piece of land, you’ll have pockets eating cheesecakes.

But I said Don’t Buy, why’s that?

Buy Land in Metaverse That’s Less Popular?

This is where everything crumbles into dust, just like in the real world you will be able to easily buy land in metaverse. The only catch is how valuable land is in metaverse.

Do You Have Millions to Bet?

Because if you don’t, you will be betting everything on something you heard the hype about. People who are investing to buy land in metaverse already have a lot on their plate and if the land they bet on goes sideways. It won’t matter as much.

Is That Only Why I don’t Want You to Buy Land in Metaverse?

There’s a lot going on with that opinion. With the metaverse hype going on, many developers have started building their version of metaverse. There will be one time where everything will be going meta. Just like there was time every business had to go online with a website and an online presence.

This is the time when everyone will have to pack up from the websites and to into Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality to actually earn something. If you want to invest in metaverse, this is the moment you would want to invest in metaverse.

The Right Time to Buy Land in Metaverse

The advice is not to not buy land in metaverse, the advice is to study time. The metaverse has already been called not a place but a moment in time. Right now, in this moment the metaverse is in its initial state and investing in land right now would be throwing an axe with eyes shut. You may get a bull’s eye, you may not.

It will take five to ten years for metaverse to evolve and be in a place where people can afford metaverse. If you truly want to buy land in metaverse, then you’ll have to wait for that moment in time for you, where the land that meets your budget hit, you exchange it with cash and make all the wealth you deserve.

How Else Can you Make Money in Metaverse?

There are a gazillion ways to make money in metaverse even if you can’t or don’t want to buy real estate. Let’s go over some of them.

Development: you have a very good chance of starting to learn to code because in the coming age this skill is going to be as useful as it was once.

Design: Everything in Metaverse is going to be digital, just like in games where you buy skins. You can create clothes, shoes, accessories for the avatars in metaverse and you’d be able to sell it.