Imgur Album Downloader: 7 Ways to Download Imgur Images

Imgur album downloader

Are you searching for a way to download images from the Imgur Album Downloader? And you want to save the Imgur Album and Reddit images without any difficulty. In this blog, we will discuss how you can download Imgur images from seven different ways.

What is Imgur?

On the internet, Imgur is one of the best image-hosting websites that offers a great collection of images, videos, memes, GIFs, and many more. It allows you to create galleries and share it with others. Imgur posts can also be shared on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

7 Ways to Download Imgur Album

On Imgur, there are a lot of galleries available. Each album contains dozens of images, and saving them one by one is time-consuming and takes a lot of space. For this purpose, we have shared below 7 ways to download Imgur Album. And we also discuss how to download the entire album from these tools and software.

1. Direct Download from Imgur Website

Direct Download from Imgur Website

You can directly download the Imgur images and videos from the Imgur website. It is a simple process to save several images on your device. With this downloading option, you can download the full album in one click.

To download direct Imgur images without involving a third party, follow these steps.

  • Visit the Imgur official website.
  • Open the album that you want to save.
  • Tap on the three dots button where you will find the download button.
  • Click on the download button the file will be saved on your device.

2. Imgur Album Downloader Website

Imgur Album Downloader Website

This Downloader is perfect for those users who don’t want to download any software to save images. It allows you to download multiple images from a single click. However, this Downloader saves a lot of time and space because this online tool provides image files in a ZIP format.

Downloading images from this Downloader is a pretty straightforward process. To download images from this site, you need to have an Album ID.

Firstly, we will discuss what Album ID is and where you will find it. When you select an image from Imgur on the browser, on the top bar URL is shown, like On the URL, see the last 7 characters, which is the ID of the Album. Copy the desired album ID to download the images.

Here are the steps given below on how to download Imgur images.

  • Go to the official Imgur Album downloader website.
  • Enter the Album ID on the Load an Album bar.
  • The images will load on the screen. On the upper side, there is a Select All button. Click on this button to save all the images, and if you want to save specific images, you can select them manually.
  • After selecting the images, hit the Download button to save the images on your device.

3. Imgur Album Downloader By Julian Fietkau

Imgur Album Downloader By Julian Fietkau

Imgur by Julian FietKau is for Firefox users. With the help of this Firefox extension, you can easily download multiple images and videos in ZIP format.

Follow these guidelines to complete the setup of this extension.

  • Add the Imgur Album Downloader to your Firefox browser.
  • Open the Imgur gallery or album.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots here you can see a download button.
  • Hit the Download button to start downloading the full album.

4. Keep It Save

It is an online Imgur downloader to download pictures and videos from Imgur. This online tool supports PNG, JPG, GIF, and MP4 formats. Just with the Imgur URL, you can download videos and images from Imgur. However, this site also allows you to download videos from YouTube, Discord, Reddit, Pinterest, and many more platforms.

5. Image Downloader Software

Image Downloader is another Imgur Album Downloader to save pictures from Imgur and Reddit. This software allows customizing the width, height, and ratio of the image. Moreover, downloading Imgur Album with this software is very simple. First, enter the album URL, choose the destination folder, and click the download button.

6. Image Downloader Chrome Extension

Image Downloader Chrome Extension

It is a Google Chrome Extension to download images on a web desktop. This Add-on extension allows you to filter images by URL, and it can customize the size and display of the image.

7. Pure Downloader

Pure Downloader

Pure Downloader is an online video downloader that allows you to download videos from various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, and IMDB. This Downloader is also beneficial for downloading Imgur videos and GIFS for free.


Q. Does Imgur save images forever?
Imgur stores the images forever. An image is only removed when the uploader decides to delete the image.

Q. What is the file limit of Imgur?
The maximum size of non-animated images on Imgur is 20 MB per image. The size limit of animated stuff like GIFs and videos is 200 MB.

Q. Is everything uploaded on Imgur public?
Every image/video that is uploaded on Imgur is Public. No matter what privacy you selected, if someone has a complete URL of your private album, they can see your uploaded content.

Q. Which platform is the best replacement for Imgur?

• Image Shack
• Postimage
• Flickr
• Imgbox
• Pic Paste Plus
• Img Pile

Final Words

Downloading the Imgur Album is a straightforward process to save images and videos from the direct Imgur website and Imgur Album downloader. Undoubtedly, with the methods mentioned above, it is convenient to download Imgur albums easily and hassle-free.

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