Easy Tips & Tricks For Partition Recovery

Tips & Tricks For Partition Recovery
Tips & Tricks For Partition Recovery

A partition is a piece of information that defines the allocation of storage space within a computer’s memory. If data on a partition is lost, it can be recovered using tools like TestDisk and DDrescue recovering lost partitions requires some knowledge of computers and disks, as well as how data structures are formatted.

The programs like TestDisk and DDrescue read and save portions of the disk from which to recover the lost partition.  There are several reasons why partitions can be lost and I shall guide you on how to perform Partition Recovery.

Now let’s have a look at what might have caused the deletion of the partition. And, also see whether you can recover the deleted partition or not. We shall look at the complete guide of the recovery process that can help you restore the deleted partition easily.

Reasons for Partition Deletion

One of the main reasons for partition deletion is a change in the disk type. One can also perform partition deletion if one is running low on disk space. Let’s have a look at some main reasons:

  • Deletion by Accident: everybody faces problems while managing their hard drive sometimes. Therefore, it is common to delete a partition by accident or by mistake that you need when you were trying to clean a particular partition.
  • Data Corruption: Sometimes the partition can be corrupted by viruses or wrong disk operations, which can cause partition deletion.
  • Power Outages: A sudden electricity surge or incidental power failure can cause the drive to lose the partition and halt the operations in a way that can make a particular partition completely inaccessible.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors on the disk are commonly found and they are responsible for making storage space useless and it may prevent the partition from being recognized by the OS.

However, there is no need to be worried because the partitions can be recovered and restored very easily.

How To Do The Partition Recovery

Using data recovery software that you run either from a USB or an external disk drive like DVD, CD, or Blue-Ray will keep you from accidentally deleting the partition of the hard disk where your data is saved. A user-friendly data recovery tool is the Acronis Recovery Expert wizard that can recover the data you lost.

Once you start the bootable version of Data recovery software, go to the Tools and open Acronis Recovery Expert. The wizard will launch the data recovery process and will detect deleted partitions and guide you through the partition recovery process. There are two methods through which you can restore the deleted partition

1. Automatic Mode

  • Choose the automatic option in the recovery mode window when it appears.
  • The searching for deleted partitions will start. The tool will scan all the disks for the deleted partition.
  • Once found, select the deleted partition and click next.
  • Click on the proceed button in the next window.

2. Manual Mode

  • Choose the Manual option in the recovery mode window when it appears.
  • Select unallocated space in the Unallocated Space Selection window where the deleted partitions were located.
  • In the Searching Method window select either Fast or Complete recovery mode.
  • Search for the deleted partition.
  • Select the deleted partition. And click Proceed to recover the deleted partition.

Final Words

Partition recovery is the best option to consider whenever you accidentally delete the partition that you need. Instead of creating the data over again or purchasing a new hard disk for data storage. The deleted partitions lose all the data permanently; however, the data can be recovered through any of the techniques disused above.