External Hard Drive For Xbox One (5 Best Xbox Hard Drives)

external hard drive for Xbox one
external hard drive for Xbox one

When we talk about the current generation setups, the Xbox One manifests speed and needs a hard drive to get more storage. Currently, games occupy larger spaces, so we always need a hard drive if you have an Xbox One and want an external hard drive. Luckily, we can expand our Xbox One storage with external hard drives and proficiently store and run larger game files. These external hard drives improve the performance of the system or console. And it allows gamers to play a game in high resolution. So, think about expanding the gaming storage on your X-box One and choose the external hard drive. This blog will provide you with a comprehensive guide to external hard drives for the Xbox and our top picks for your console in terms of capacity and build quality.

What Are the Best Xbox One External Hard Drives?

First, we prioritize the capacity while purchasing any external hard drive. There are some most suitable external hard drives for Xbox One. So here is the list of the best drives.

external hard drives
external hard drives

1.      Western Digital My Book Hard Drives for Xbox One

The Western Digital hard drive has the raw capacity and requires external power, which is a disadvantage when used with the Xbox One, but this is irrelevant when we use the drive. It only requires some extra setup that will benefit you in so many ways for just a small amount of money. My book comes with a 10TB capacity in a single drive version of Western Digital. Furthermore, Western Digital offers a dual version with a capacity of 20TB and RAID-0 pre-configurations that improve game loading times. However, my book is a desktop drive with a higher capacity built for network-attached storage. So, it is the best hard drive for the Xbox One.

2.      Seagate Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive

The Seagate Backup Plus has capabilities, exceeds 5TB, and has more refined visuals and small form factors. The hard drive also manages faster random read performances and improves loading time. Moreover, there are various variations in the Seagate backup. It has a standard version available in 4TB and 5TB capacities and is cheap per gigabyte scale. And similarly, there is another slim version of the hard drives accessible in the 1TB and 2TB range. The Seagate Backup Plus portable hard drive is also available in the Ultra Touch version that comes with the woven fabric and hardware encryption as well as USB-C.

Furthermore, the Seagate Plus is not as fast as Western digital drives, but it is great for Xbox One and gives you the essential backup solution when using the drive with online backup. So here, we recommend you invest in the standard version of the Seagate backup as it has a higher capacity. And don’t be a fool to invest in the ultra touch version as it is not relevant for the Xbox one.

3.      Seagate Official Xbox One Game Drive

Seagate official external hard drive for Xbox one provide a range of drives for the Xbox One, with the SSD, a large-factor solution, and the standard drive for a game. Moreover, a hard drive comes with additional offers depending on the capacity and the purchase. Firstly, it is ready to go onto the Xbox. All you need to do is plug it in and select how you want to store the games.

The game drive is 2TB or 4TB, lower than the Western Digital hard drive. Although, Seagate also offers the game drive hub that comes in 8TB and supports the USB 3.0 ports and provides more storage. The best Seagate official is for the Xbox One themes and is ready to use out of the box directly, and is available with the game drive hub. But it has some flaws as it is expensive and has little performance compared to other hard drives.

4.      Toshiba Canvio Basics External Hard Drive

If you want more storage for a small amount of money, the Toshiba Canvio will suit you. But, it is a bit slow and fragile. Toshiba, like Seagate backup, is a portable drive with a capacity of 4TB. However, in this case, we recommend that you only use a Toshiba external hard drive with a 1TB or 2TB capacity to achieve significant performance with a small capacity on Xbox One.

The Toshiba hard drive has the advantage of being inexpensive and available in 4TB capacities. Moreover, it means extra game storage for cheap money. But it is of poor quality and has slow reading at random speeds. When we compared the Toshiba to the Seagate hard drive, the Canvio performed better on sequential reads and writes, with 147.3 MB/s and a write speed of 154.1 MB/s.

5.      Lacie Rugged Mini Xbox One Hard Drive

The LaCie Rugged is the opposite of the Toshiba Canvio when talking about building quality. It has the feature of making the tank feature metal bodies and providing orange shock protectors. It allows the gamer to take the drive with them wherever they want. In addition, the LaCie is directly linked with Seagate, so all the features that Seagate contains also apply here. The drive comes with 4TB but charges an additional $25 for extra build quality. So, it will help you easily transport the whole game library without any risk. Moreover, the LaCie drive focused more on reading performance than writing performance.

The pros of the Lacie hard drive are that it is built like a tank and has solid read performance. It also has some flaws, such as overpriced and poor writing performance.

How to Fix an External Hard Drive to an Xbox One

xbox one
xbox one

When you purchase the desired hard drive, now it’s time to connect the hard drive to the Xbox One. Make sure that it is USB 3.0. Let’s connect the drive to the empty USB port using the cable. Here are some steps that help you connect the external drive with the Xbox One.

  • Attach the hard drive with the built-in USB cable. The USB ports in the front and back of the Xbox One will start working.
  • Choose the “Format Storage Device” option when the device has been identified.
  • Next, you must name the hard drive and click on “install new things here” to put future games on it.
  • Then, you have to click on the “Format storage device.” As it will erase all the previous data,

Make sure that you are using an empty hard drive. If you use the hard drive with data, it will remove all the data from it.


The performance and capacities of the hard drives are described above. We recommend you to choose Western Digital as it is the best hard drive for the Xbox One, as it comes with the cost of convenience. So whatever drive you choose will expand the storage and improve the load times. But if you are looking for an aesthetic way, Seagate will be the best choice for you. Let us tell you which external hard drive for Xbox you are using and which is more convenient.