FFXIV Ocean Fishing Guide of 2024

FFXIV Ocean Fishing (2023 Guide)
FFXIV Ocean Fishing (2023 Guide)

FFXIV Ocean fishing is not like you have been swaying on the boat all day and haven’t had even the imperceptible nibble. Suddenly, the line tugs, and you run over to it to begin an hour-long battle with the mystery fish. Besides, Ocean fishing is absolute to fishers which allows them to set sail together on the Endeavor in search of adventure on the high seas. It is a short voyage with a purpose-built boat where 24 players work together to reel in rare fish. It’s faster footsteps as compared to normal fishing. There are also achievement rewards, such as a mount, minions, and titles.

Moreover, ocean fishing is the rapid way to level up fishers by a long shot, webbing tons of XP for fishers to any level while essentially depreciating the leveling process (not for FSH quests).

In this guide, we will look at how to do ffxiv ocean fishing guide, strategy, and rewards of ocean fishing Final Fantasy XIV.

How To Do Ocean Fishing In Final Fantasy XIV

Ocean Fishing In Final Fantasy XIV

From level one, ocean fishing is available, which has fisher jobs. You can grab Fisher, do its first quest, and take up the ocean fishing quest.

Once you have finished the “My First Fishing Rod” quest, you are able to start ocean fishing by talking to Fhilsnoe (X:7.8 Y:14.5) in the Limsa Lominsa Fisherman’s Guild and starting the quest “All the Fish in the Sea.”

To start an ffxiv ocean fishing trip, you will need to go to the Ferry Docks past the Arcanist’s Guild.

However, if you don’t know when ocean fishing starts for your timezone, head to Dryskthota (X3.2 Y12.8) at the docks check when ocean fishing recruitment restarts, and check out the sailing schedule for the next two days.

Most importantly, ocean fishing starts every two hours. If it initiates on an odd hour or even hour for you, you can bet on it as being the case always. If you might be late, you can queue for ocean fishing up to 20 minutes after the timing starts.

When the ocean trip comes to start, talk to Dryskthota to join in the queue. Either you can do this on your own or with a party of friends, as fishing exploration allows up to 24 players for each. You will be thrown onto a ship with other players regardless of whether you queued by yourself.

FF 14 Ocean Fishing Routes

FF 14 Ocean Fishing Routes

The voyager Prioritized routes through the ocean after leaving the Limsa Lominsa docks. There are probably 15 different possible routes in total, with three of the four available spots selected randomly. The ship stays for around 5 minutes in each zone, with each housing fish.

You can also check out the NPCs by boat so that you can see which route it will take before hopping. Most importantly, you must use specific baits for each location to achieve the top score needed for the minigame’s best rewards. You can also buy the majority of the bait as much as possible, so there is no need to worry about running low.


  1. The southern strait of Merlthor
  2. The northern strait of Merlthor
  3. Galadion Bay
  4. Rhotano Sea

 FFXIV Ocean Fishing Guide of Baits

FFXIV Ocean Fishing Baits Guide

There are 7 different spots where the boat can stop during a single fishing trip. Before proceeding, talk to Dryskthota and have a look at three locations where the boat will be stopping. The bait you have taken with you and its use will be disclosed where the boat will be going.

The motive is to get spectral fish to bite. In order to get Spectral current, you need to pop at all three locations. However, Spectral Current has high point fish which you haven’t seen elsewhere as well as it is primetime for gathering points.

Further, you can buy bait before heading into the Merchant & Mender near Dryskthota.

At base, you have to take these baits for each location to hook spectral fish:

  1. Bloodbrine Sea – Krill
  2. The Ciedalaes – Ragworm
  3. Galadion Bay – Plump worm
  4. Rhotano sea – plump worm
  5. Rothlyt sound – plump worm
  6. Southern merlthor – lrill
  7. Northern merlthor – ragworm

For instance, if Spectral Current pops and you would aiming for the highest point fish in the area, you might need to swap baits. Since the bait you will use during a Spectral Current varies based on location and days’ time.

Don’t be stressed about it. We will tell you to step by step below:

  • Bloodbrine Sea & Galadion Bay spectral baits
    • Daytime: Ragworm
    • Sunset: Plump Worm
  • Nighttime: Krill
  • The Ciedalaes spectral baits
    • Daytime: Krill
    • Sunset: Plump Worm
    • Nighttime: Krill
  • Rhotano Sea & Northern Merlthor baits
    • Daytime: Plump Worm
    • Sunset: Ragworm
    • Nighttime: Krill
  • Rothlyt Sound
    • Daytime, sunset, and nighttime: Krill
  • Southern Merlthor Spectral baits
    • Daytime: Krill
    • Sunset: Ragworm
    • Nighttime: Plump Worm

Final Fantasy Xiv Ocean Fishing Achievement Rewards

There are a bulk of titles related to ffxiv ocean fishing. Above all, there are minions and an exclusive mount to earn through this activity.

Final Fantasy Xiv Ocean Fishing
  • Major-general minion:  5,000 points earn on a single trip
  • Gull minion: came across 3 seagull flocks
  • Dolphin Calf minion: 3 dolphin pods encounter
  • Hybodus mount: 10,000 points obtained on a single fishing trip

Additionally, if you are level 50 to 79, you will get a Yellow Gather’s Script upon completion. Further, you will receive a Yellow and White Gather’s Script after completion of levels 80 to 90.

General Tips on Before Ocean Fishing

  • Plan your bait and look at the upcoming voyage ahead.
  • Take food and Hi-cordials/cordials.
  • Cast a line on the docks earlier that prevents the ‘’Fish sense something amiss’’ message.
  • Make sure to have a clean inventory beforehand to get all useless fish
  • It would be helpful if you are prepared to fail because you are walking into a floating RNG Casino.

Boat Fishing tips and tricks

  • Mooch 1 works on HQ fish only, whereas Mooch 2 works on NQ fish.
  • If you are going for Intuition Fish, Patience ½ is entirely purposeless.
  • When you’re capped on GP in downtime, use Chum in order to save GP.
  • Surface Slap expires if you use Hook while based on whether you catch a fish.

Prepare Yourself For FFXIV ocean fishing

  • They will need enough bait before diving into ocean fishing
  • The versatile lure will be awarded until they unlock the minigame.
  • For catching spectral fish, a player needs to have Krill and ragworm.
  • Most of the baits are available for purchase
  • Higher-level players can buy Hi-Cordials so that to maximize the experience points gained.
  • Lower-level players bought cordials, food, and survival manuals to boost the experience.

Strategy Of FFxiv

Strategy is a very important factor while achieving a high score. It is better to target the spectral fish as compared to randomly catching fish. Then, it will trigger an instance-wide window, ‘’spectral courant,’’ that reduces catch times and construct rare fish more common.

Moreover, there is a possibility of scoring high points during these windows. Personal Fisher’s intuition boost will be activated by the player while targeting a specific combination of fish within each zone. This will reduce the difficulty while catching five-star fish.

Most importantly, each zone has its own set of fish and bait necessities. A player must be familiar with these locations so that they can switch bait where needed.


Unfortunately all the expert knowledge available, it is possible to have a stroke of bad luck and not catch any good fish. The highest level of fishing and get best reward will be accomplished by patient players while they learn from provided guides. So, be patient, study up and keep practicing. It’s possible to master it!