Final Fantasy 16 Includes Shocking Online Features

Final Fantasy 16 Includes Shocking Online Features
Final Fantasy 16 Includes Shocking Online Features

The director and producer of Final Fantasy 16 exposed in a recent interview with Japanese mass media that the game will feature online connectivity and expanded on what that feature will require when the game publication.

Recently, Japanese media enquired two developers some queries about the FF16. Final Fantasy 16 Square Enix’s development team has been promoting the game across media outlets for a few months remained its release.

However, a few weeks ago, followers got a sign of what to assume in Final Fantasy 16 by releasing media demonstrator footage across several outlets. Aitai Japan CEO Audrey Lamsam decoded a Famitsu magazine interview with both Yoshida and Final Fantasy 16 game director Hiroshi Takai on Twitter.

According to that translation, FF16 will feature online leaderboards for a fight-focused mode which will quarry players against many enemies and see how they charge compared to other players globally.

This online feature has been related to the Bloody Palace from the Devil Cry series, in which the FF16 battle has taken motivation from under the track of main battle designer Rypta Suzuki. Before his time at the square, Enix Suzuki was a battle designer for Capcom’s Devil Mary Cry 5 and Dragon’s Dogma.

Famitsu’s interview correspondingly confirmed the predictable length that final fantasy 16 would take to beat as Yoshida repeated that the main story could take players about 35 hours to beat. That time can be dual if side missions and other forms of content are measured, which could bring the total to over 70 hours for enthusiasts that need to experience all FF16 will have a suggestion.

However, fans who hunger to see what new Yoshida has to say will have a chance in the approaching days. On March 25, Saturday, Yoshida will be combined by localization lead Micheal Christopher Fox at a Final Fantasy 16 board at PAX East in Boston. With just 3 months to go until the release, it leftovers to see how much anticipation Final Fantasy admirers can generate before then.

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