FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster Series Brings Classic Gameplay to PS4 & Switch on April 19th

FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster Series
FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster Series

The long-awaited FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster series release date has now officially been announced by Square Enix on April 19th, 2023. It is currently launched on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Players get some exciting features that improve gameplay, such as switching between original and rearranged soundtracks, selecting from two different fonts, and adjusting experience gain up to four times for faster character growth.

The first six Final FINAL FANTASY games have been structured to provide the best 2D-pixel graphics, reorganized soundtracks by original composer Nobuo Uematsu, and enhanced gameplay features such as a modernized user interface, auto-battle options, and adjusted experience point rates.

All six games will be sold as a package for $74.99, each costing between $11.99 and $17.99. The PlayStation Store will start taking orders for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster when the Nintendo eShop opens for preorders.

Fans may rejoice and live some of the most cherished RPGs of all time credit goes to the FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster series, which comprises the classic games FINAL FANTASY I through VI. Each game exemplifies the series’ growth by introducing fresh settings, fascinating characters, and cutting-edge gaming mechanics that have enthralled gamers for years. Concisely, the trailer unveils fans of the Final Fantasy series will have so many ways to play the first six games very soon.