Fitbit’s Best Features are being Discontinued to Make Way for Google

Fitbit best features discontinued

Google service is killing Fitbit’s best features, challenges, and Fitbit customer support.

Since being obtained by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, the fitness tracker brand, has gone through some backend challenges, mishaps, and so much more. Fitbit’s best features, like the ability to track heartbeat variability, will be discontinued from the App as Google takes over the company.

Fitbit has announced to its users that challenges, adventures, and open groups will be removed by March 27. It means that your most needed activities and enticing competitions are going away. Users will lose the reward they earned from competitions they participated in after March 27. But you can download your data from the Fitbit App settings page.

However, Fitbit’s focus has always been on fitness and health, and Google’s acquisition of the company has raised concerns about user privacy and data sharing. Google has faced studies over its use of personal data in the past, and the possession of Fitbit has only added to those concerns.

Regardless of criticism, Google has argued that possessing Fitbit will let the company improve its fitness & health tracking abilities. Google also claimed that it would continue prioritizing person’s privacy and allow users to control their data.

Fitbit is now draining these amazing old features along with support for open groups. But still, users can interact with friends through the App’s friend leaderboard & community feed. Although Fitbit’s account will remain active until starting 2025, after that, users need a Google account to access their health & fitness data.

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