Fortnite Leak Exposes Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass Skins

Fortnite Leak Exposes Chapter 4
Fortnite Leak Exposes Chapter 4

On March 10th, Epic Games finally stormed up the rollout of Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 release on Twitter. The teaser shows tons of new content about the battle royal and a fresh battle pass jam-packed with cosmetic items for a player to get.

Furthermore, the premium version of the battle pass consists of more than 100 items with loads of creative Skins grounded around this season’s theme Mega. Meanwhile, the mid-season skin is Eran Jeager from the prevalent anime Attack of Titan.

In the main battle pass, the first two pages are devoted to the initial unlockable skin Renzo the Destroyer, who is stated as (The Galaxy’s Premier Doomfluence).

However, Renzo is a robot evenhanded a shiny suit and a ghostly purple mohawk. Then the next up is Imani, a musician with shocking blue and pink glasses. She has a more anime panache to her presence.

Subsequently comes Thunder, an unruffled lizard who evenhanded a new jacket and chain his color modified gives him the same strategies as a Koi fish, with a sushi chef hat. Then Mystica, a ghostly space combatant, has the following skin features green and purple shield, which is enthused by a samurai aspect.

The next is Stray, which appears to be a variant idea with an analogous get-up design and mask. Then Highwire follows him, a messy-looking girl outfitted all black with bunny ears. Her variant gives her a wolf mask and the added fur to match.

In addition, the final skin in the main battle pass is River Empress Mizuki. Put on a hand fun and extravagant dress; her design is stimulated by traditional Japanese royalty. Certainly, outside of the main battle pass, a player can discover Eren Jaegar, who will come later this season.

However, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 was announced on March 10th after a prolonged period of idle time. Fortnite lovers will have till the preceding day to complete the challenges. But there is no influence on whether or not there will be a giant season wind-up live event, but a secretive red rift has looked in the sky directly above the map. 

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