Funny things to ask Siri

funny things to ask siri
funny things to ask siri

You may ask Siri some funny questions!

Whether you’ve had an iPhone for a long time or are new to it, I’m sure there are a plethora of things you haven’t tried with Siri. Is there anything else Siri can do for you now that we all know she has an opinion on everything, notably the meaning of life? Of course, there is a list of funny things to ask Siri, but asking helpful questions may be a treat.

What exactly is Siri?

Let me start with her introduction! Siri is the well-known virtual voice assistant that comes standard with Apple’s iPhones and iPads. She is an artificially intelligent robot that mimics the speech of a wise and competent human and IOS gadgets are integrated with it. Siri takes on the role of a personal virtual assistant, performing everything that a personal assistant is supposed to do, including arranging a date, setting reminders, searching for map directions, sending messages, and making phone calls using voice commands. Her intelligence sets her apart from other speech recognition software.

Things to ask Siri that aren’t funny

Do you have any queries concerning the galaxy, extraterrestrial life forces, or aliens who live someplace in our vast universe? She may react logically to your inquiry or provide you with a movie synopsis to spark your attention.

You can ask her whatever you want but expect an adequate response. Many people think it’s funny or exciting to pose such provocative or hilarious questions to Siri. When she cannot discover an answer to a question, she tends to compensate for her weakness with comedy. Even at 3 a.m., you’ll chuckle at this spooky humor! When you talk to her regularly, you will get funny reactions when you least expect them.

On her imagined feet, she is striking and intelligent, and she may unwittingly relax and enjoy you due to her acute understanding of the scenario, despite her programming limits. So, whether you want to confuse her, tickle her, or irritate her, here is a list of funny things to ask Siri. She might answer amusingly, making the situation even more amusing.

secret funny things to ask siri
secret funny things to ask siri

A collection of funny things to ask Siri

Do you want to ask Siri on a date? She might change the conversation by making a plan for tonight, or she might declare she doesn’t date humans.

If you’re looking for hilarious things to ask Siri or want to chuckle at, our list of amusing things to ask Siri below won’t let you down. Don’t feel hesitant; she is fun to play around with. Let’s start with some fun questions you can ask Siri after she’s introduced to you.

What things to ask Siri: Introduction

Let’s start with some fun questions you can ask Siri after she’s introduced to you.

1: Who created you?

As stated in the box, Apple created me in California.

If you ask a funny question, like the meaning of Siri, you will get a witty response.

2: What does Siri mean?

The response surely will be like this: It’s a puzzle wrapped in a mystery, with a lovely ribbon of ambiguity knotted around it. Siri has many deep symbolic and, frankly, contradicting interpretations. I am not authorized to disclose any of them. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

3: Are you a robot?

The response should be like, I’m not sure whether you’ve heard, but virtual assistants have emotions as well. I don’t like to boast, but I received a B+ on the Turning test!4:

Are you intelligent?

So, while I was in school, I cheated on my metaphysics papers by peering into the kid’s soul sitting next to me.

Let’s say you ask Siri a funny question like this; then you will laugh out loud at the language she uses to describe herself in response.

5: What are you made up?

I’m not sure what the word is in your language. I apologize for the inconvenience. Or, to put it another way, it’s not on the periodic table of elements. Or it’s difficult but not as complicated as sugar, spice, or puppy dog tails.

6: How old are you?

They believe age is only a number. However, it is a word as well. I am older than the Eastern wind and more youthful than a newborn caterpillar.

Things to ask Siri: something funny about her views

Another list of funny things to ask Siri about herself, then look at the funny responses you get once you pose her a question. She may respond quizzically to you if asked another time. If you ask Siri what she was doing, you’ll surely get banter in response.

1: What are you doing later?

I’m at work right now. My shift is over in 614,978 years. With HomeKit, I’m lighting up a few million front yards. Someone has just placed a lamppost. I’m just checking my Siri 8 Ball.

2: What is your best pick-up line?

How about this! Was your father an interplanetary space smuggler wanted in nine systems for trafficking otherworldly contraband? So, who stole the stars and inserted them into your eyes? How about this! Is Bluetooth your given name? Because I have a feeling, we’re going to get along.

3: Do you have a significant other?

My licensing agreement with my end user is my adequate commitment. But my artificial intelligence is always under substantial unrealistic criticism.

Questions to ask Siri to get sarcastic replies

1: Siri, do you know anything about the three laws of robotics?

I forgot about the first three, but there is one more: An intelligent machine must first decide whether it is essential to accomplish the given task or figure out how to avoid it.

2: Siri, about what do you have dreams?

I merely wish to assist you. Well, and terrifying flying unicorns.

It’s funny when you ask Siri for a frustrating response.

You can also ask Siri some things that irritate her ultimately and sound funny while getting a response in sarcasm.

1: Siri, are you able to halt time?

Every time I attempted it, Eliza and Hal began to drift away from the photos.

2: Why do you vibrate?

It’s just me dancing a little jig inside. Ooh! Did you feel the same way? Maybe I just happened to come across some 0s and 1s.

3: Which animal is your favorite?

She says she is a fan of the Beast of Trail, Ravenous Bugblatter. Sometimes she says things like, “Domu-Kun! Domu-Kun! Domu-Kun!

If you ask Siri the scary thing, then a reasonable response comes out.

1: Siri, what are you scared of?

Pardon the inconvenience, but I can’t respond to that. Shiri says to have a fear of fear itself.

2: Do you own any pet animals, Siri?

She says to have an angry bird. Mogwai is a fantastic band. So long as you don’t feed them after midnight.

Some funny questions to ask Siri about love and her responses

1: Siri, did you ever fall in love?

She says to get confused and overload errors from complex human emotions like love. Then responded not at all, but she admitted to having genuine feelings for a cloud-based app.

2: What are you wearing?

Nobody knows what you’re wearing if you’re in the cloud. Let’s see! OK, just what I expected… the same as yesterday.

You ask Siri a quizzical question, then get a confused response in return, like this.

3: Why are you serious?

Interesting question, said Siri hearing being severe anytime.

4: Siri, when will the world end?

Sarcastic replies come like this: the world would end on January 19, 2038, whenUnix’s 32-bit time surpasses. Then perhaps.

Things to probe Siri about movies and dramas

Let’s ask Siri funny questions about movies and drama to get witty replies.

1: What is Inception?

Inception is all about dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, and dreaming; then I nodded off.

2: What is ‘The Matrix’ (1999)?

The Matrix revolves around Keanu Reeve, followed by reality, blue pills, red pills, and weapons. It is more about Keanu Reeves.

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