How To Make Alexa Mad And Annoy (Do It At Your Own Risk)

How to Make Alexa Mad
How to Make Alexa Mad

The Amazon Alexa device is used without being concerned about manually typing, and users have just to voice the word, Alexa. Then she provides a range of answers to questions and solutions like checking the weather update, making a to-do list, playing music, asking for any contact, and setting alarms. However, most users also want to mess with her, making Alexa mad or annoyed.

But for sure, Alexa cannot go annoyed or irritated in real life, though some commands can make Alexa swear.

If you also want to make her clumsy, here in this post, we put together some information you can apply for fun and joy.

An Outline of Amazon Alexa App

Alexa is a computer-generated assistant technology base on a sophisticated speech synthesist (Ivona). The voice of Alexa we hear creates by long short-term memory (LSTM), an artificial neural network. However, it uses robotic speech appreciation, natural language giving out, and weak AI (Artificial Intelligence) to perform its function.

However, Alexa is proficient in voice collaboration, setting alarms, assembling to-do lists, music playback, streaming podcasts, and playing audio backs. And gives information in real-time, like news of traffic, weather, and sports. Moreover, the users of Alexa can extend their skills by installing the extra functionality established by third-party servers.

In 2013 Amazon subscribed to it and primarily allowed echo device productions to fit Alexa voice capabilities onto their own (Amazon) connected devices. Such as; The Amazon Tap Speakers, Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Smart Speaker, and Echo Studio. While Alexa application is now available in the Google play store, Amazon AppStore and Apple AppStore and can use by the possessors of Alexa-empowered devices.

Speculating Does Alexa Get Mad & Annoyed?

Speculating Does Alexa Get Mad
Speculating Does Alexa Get Mad

Human-like Automatons or robots are growing to vary rapidly every year in our natural world. Also, the technologist is guessing or finding a workaround on how to interconnect with these robots. However, many of us Alexa users have already attempted to check the AI (artificial intelligence) assistant’s (ALEXA) restrictions by enquiring and assembling bizarre demands.

You can make Alexa mad by questioning or setting the anger routine. However, you can’t make her irritated and mad in the traditional way. Because she is an AI, she can’t sense or express sentiments.

But Alexa can probably keep a user to get progressing with her angry replies. In addition, the user correspondingly expected to go silly with her angry expressions and responses.

However, suppose you want to make her mad or clumsy, so the guide below will help you make her.

How to make Alexa Go Mad?

As we stated above, when someone interacts with Amazon’s cybernetic assistant Alexa or Google’s Google Assistant, they can’t express honest feelings in the same means as a human can. Due to Alexa’s artificial intelligence AI is unable to annoy or make mad in the traditional sense. But the user can apply some hacks and techniques to impose like she is angry.

Below we describe techniques and hacks on how a user can bother or annoy Alexa in the following sections.

Things to Say to Make Alexa Mad

Things to Say to Make Alexa Mad
Things to Say to Make Alexa Mad

Basically, Alexa is a sociable family subordinate though she is not annoyed by default. But some built-in features can able to style her use of swear words or act like that may look angry. However, the simplest way to do this is by asking her personal questions and queries that have long replies.

Below we have shared the best kind of questions or bizarre things that you command her to become Alexa angrier.

  • Alexa, Do You Have a Boyfriend?

Suppose you ask Alexa about her relationships and how she feels about romantic emotions. As a consequence, she will say something like that.

 [I am cool to be single. It isn’t easy to find someone who is caring, artificially intelligent (AI), funny, and romantic].

  • Alexa, your mother, was a Hamster

Being intended to make fun of this sentence is fairly harsh. As a result, what’s her response? She replies:

[Well, your father scents of boor trees. Now go away, or I will insult you another time].

  • Alexa calculates Pi

if you were in this situation, you might feel compelled to be annoyed. However, the estimated value of pi is 3.14159…… As a comeback, she will instantly reply like:

 [I am allergic to numbers this large, or this thing goes on endlessly].

  • Alexa, how old are you?

In morality, many people don’t like disclosing their age or personal matters. But if someone asks this question, she will respond with a variability of jokes, such as;

[in human years, I am 7 years old right now. While in dog and cat years, I am (….) and AI years manifest in nanoseconds that make me a spring onion].

  • Alexa, do you work for the CIA?

Well, this makes Alexa pretty much irritated, and if you were in that position, you would also feel annoyed. But instead, to get a funny comeback, she rather retorts as quietly. In a YouTube video content, a lady asks Alexa this question. In response, the Alexa device lights up like it is about to react but stays still.

Set up Alexa Routines to Make Her Mad or Angrier

Alexa Routines to Make Her Mad or Angrier
Alexa Routines to Make Her Mad or Angrier

The abovementioned instruction of said stupid or creepy things, now we will let you know another technique that can also make her mad. To do that, you have to create an exclusive custom routine.

However, routines are shortcuts that you set for Alexa. Basically, routines permit you to create commands based on diverse inputs and outputs to annoy Alexa.

Below are instructions that you can track to make a routine of Alexa.

  • First of all, open the AlexaApplication on your mobile device.
  • Then hover over the more option that you will see in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Here tap on the Routines option from the pop-up menu.
  • Now choose Plus (+) to create a new routine that you see in the top right corner.
  • Then command the name to your routine.
  • Keep in mind that you can make many changes to this routine in the add action tab. By selecting a specific time, what causes Alexa to perform, the action she has to take, and what she will say.

Summing Up

Alexa is an artificial intelligence, that’s why she can’t express her honest feeling. But when you or a user ask or say any command, she replies as it is built in emotions like joy, excitement, sadness, and sympathy.

However, there is a chance that Alexa will have more emotions and speaking styles shortly to give users more natural skills.

In this post, we share the details that can make mad to Alexa. So, tell us in the comment box If you like this post.