GogoPDF: The Swiftest And Safest Tool On Altering Your PDF Files


One of the most used file formats today is PDF. Due to the security and versatile features of PDF, people tend to use it over other file formats. As a result, you can find many web-based tools that ease the tasks involving PDF modification. Furthermore, several of these tools are free of charge!

Many significant tools are easy to use. One of them is the GogoPDF. You can do several tasks with this tool, such as PDF conversion and adding a watermark. If you want to learn how to convert and insert a watermark on your PDF file using GogoPDF, well, this article is best for you.

How To Convert Using GogoPDF

One of the essential skills you need to learn when working with documents is knowing how to convert them into various file formats. For instance, if you have a Word document format and you need to print it immediately, you have to transform it first into a PDF.

There are many reasons why PDF is one of the most used file formats. First, it saves a lot of space. Thus, sending these files online or copying and pasting these files into another folder would be a lot easier for you. Next, having a PDF file ensures that it would maintain all of your file’s metadata and essential formats such as text, spacing, indention.

Furthermore, if you need to convert your file into a PDF format, you should look for a reliable tool that would ease your task in transforming your file. You can search for it online since there are several web-based tools available today. One of these many conversion tools that you can find is the GogoPDF.

The GogoPDF tool allows you to convert Word to PDF using the easiest and the most manageable steps. It is also user-friendly, and it can be utilized using smartphones, laptops, and personal computer devices. Moreover, this tool is available on different browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

As stated above, the procedure in converting your files using GogoPDF is easy. The first step requires you to look for your file in your device and place it in GogoPDF’s conversion tool. Next, GogoPDF will start the process, and it will only last for a minute or less! Once done, you can check your file’s link, and you can start downloading it.

How To Add A Watermark On Your PDF File

The digital world allows everyone to have access to some files on the internet. But, unfortunately, it gives them the idea of stealing the content of other people’s files. It is a hard truth that everyone should accept. Thus, if you plan to upload your PDF files online, you must ensure to place something that makes it entirely yours.

One way of doing it is by adding a watermark to your PDF file. Once you watermark your PDF file, you would have the privilege of having full ownership of your uploaded PDF file. Using GogoPDF, you can insert a watermark on your PDF file using the most straightforward procedures.

The first step is to search for the file that you need to watermark and place it in GogoPDF’s system. Next, insert your desired watermark. For starters, you can place an image, a text, or whatever you wish. Once done, GogoPDF will process your file, and it will be available in a minute. Lastly, click your file’s link and start downloading your newly watermarked file.

Security Features Of GogoPDF

Several people are meticulous by nature. With that, they only want the best for their file, including the security of their content. With the appearance of several hackers and online scammers nowadays, it would be best if you stick with secure and reliable web-based tools so that you can ensure the safety of your file.

One of GogoPDF’s security features is that the system will automatically delete your file an hour after your transactions. With this, all of your file’s content will be secure from those people who might want to steal it. Thus, rest assured that your personal information and other essential content will be safe when using GogoPDF!


The pieces of information above would somehow help you in your future tasks involving PDF alteration. But, if you wish to know more about GogoPDF, you should visit its website. You will also see several astonishing features that you can surely utilize and are very helpful. Also, it offers a limited time promo. Try it now!