How to Connect Filezilla to WordPress

How to Connect Filezilla to WordPress
How to Connect Filezilla to WordPress

Before going into how to connect Filezilla to WordPress. It is important to explain what Filezilla is.

What is Filezilla?

In simple words, Filezilla can allow you to easily transfer files on your WordPress site. It is an open-source solution for every operating system from Windows to Linux which can quickly link to your WordPress website.

File Transfer Protocol or FTP is used by Filezilla to upload files on your WordPress site directory.

For the upload of the files in your site’s directory: download Filezilla

The next step after the downloading of Filezilla will be:to enter your File Transfer Protocol credentials to get into your site directory.

Here are a few easy steps that will guide you on how to connect Filezilla to WordPress.

  1. Open FileZilla, Go to the File
  2. Click on Site manager.
  3. Click on the New Site from the buttons below.
  4. Enter your Host (Domain Name).
  5. Select SFTP as Protocol (if supported by the hosting provider, otherwise select FTP).
  6. Enter your Username and FTP password.
  7. In the Transfer Settings tab set the simultaneous connection limit to 8.
  8. Click on the Connect

If you are a new user and signing up for the first time you will be asked to accept the certificate to connect to the WordPress FTP server for future use, accept the certificate, and continue to send files via FTP to the WordPress root directory.

And now for the main question, how to upload files to WordPress? That is a simple and easy process, but you need to be careful when you upload files to the WordPress root directory as you just cannot upload the files anywhere.

After FileZilla is logged in, you will see two columns “Local site” where you would see the local files on your computer, and “Remote Site” which shows the files of your WordPress site.

Browse the files from the “local site” column that you want to upload to WordPress using FTP, right-click on the file and click on Upload.  You can follow a similar process to upload a WordPress theme and plug-in using FTP.

So, in this way, you can upload the file to the root directory of the WordPress website.

You Can Backup Files Too – How?

With the help of FTP or File Transfer Protocol, you can backup your WordPress files easily.

Follow the following instructions:

  • Select every file with folders too from your root folder
  • Download them
  • All data are now backup