Google Releases a Beta Nearby Share App for Windows

Back in 2022 at CES, when Google first discussed the improvisation of Android’s integration with the windows ecosystem in many ways, now it launched the beta version of its Nearby Share app for windows that helps you share files in both directions with your android devices. You can download the Nearby Share app from an android device if your system is running the 64-bit version of windows 10 and higher and isn’t powered by an ARM processor.

You should switch on the wifi connection on your PC and Bluetooth for the feature function, which is possible in both conditions whether the app is open or running in the background. However, the command is over your hand to choose who can see your device and send you files to avoid any potential spam messages. Moreover, below the drop-down menu section for the device visibility setting, you may make your PC visible to everyone, your contacts, your own devices, or none at the moment.

For instance, transferring a photo, video, or document from your system to a nearby Android device is as convenient as dragging and dropping it into the app or selecting ‘Send with Nearby Share’ in the right-click menu. Select which Android devices you want to transfer from the list that pops up.”

With a few exceptions, Google has made Nearby Share available in the US and most other states. Additionally, it stated that although the beta software currently only supports Android smartphones and tablets, it will eventually be compatible with all devices within the company’s ecosystem.

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