Google Introduces Persistent Search Filters in Drive on Web

Google Introduces Persistent Search Filters
Google Introduces Persistent Search Filters

Google has now decided to introduce search chips that allow users to filter by criteria like file type, owner, and last modified date anywhere across the web app.

Previously, this feature was only offered in Google Drive searches. However, it’s now available “throughout Google Drive.”  Anyway, the Google team hopes the search chip will assist you in narrowing down and finding relevant files quickly in any view.” Following are the three main filters you’ll get.

Key actions surfaced inline on files, including the ability to choose items simultaneously and authorize batch operations.

The sole purpose of Google with the Material You web design is to “help users to complete most frequent tasks faster.” This easily connects the prowess to hover over a file (in list view) to unveil shortcuts for quick download, sharing, renaming, and favoriting. From our experience, this is only displayed on large wide screens. Also, it has a multi-select toolbar to take bulk action.

The sources suggest that the Google Drive filters are rolling out today and will be entirely used over the coming weeks for all Google Workspace customers, legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers, even though people with personal Google Accounts can have this latest search chip functionality.

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