Here’s Everything You Should Know About Spy Apps


In this technological era, spying has also been digitalized. We are surrounded by hundreds of online devices and each of them could play the role of a spy. Firstly, you need to understand that your online privacy is always at risk if you continue to use the internet without any authentication. Your phone calls, online credentials, passwords, photos, and browsing history – if someone could get unauthorized access to this data, what would happen? So, let’s just cognize what are spy apps.

top 10 spy apps
top 10 spy apps

What are Spy Apps?

Spy apps are designed and developed to gain unauthorized access to some other apps. Spy apps actively monitor the functioning of other apps. Yes, there are some advantages of these apps. For instance, parents could monitor what their kids are doing or any employer could monitor his/her employee’s progress. But sadly, these devices are not being used as they are supposed to. People are using spy apps to monitor someone’s privacy with harmful intentions. So, you must understand how Spy Apps work.

How Spy Apps spy?

Spy apps can be installed on your device via the internet or physical installation. All spy apps are hidden and always working at the back-end. These apps remotely configure and track all of your activities and give a detailed report to the intruder. There are numerous spy apps like mSpy, The Spy Bubble, and many more. Check top 10 spy apps for more information on how spy aps work. These apps create a remote connection of your device with another device. The intruder device keeps a track of your online activities through these apps. Any targeted information can be shared with the intruder through spy apps.

Even if you think having an iPhone might save you from the online conspiracy – that’s not true. Hackers can now get authorized access to your iOS devices via the jailbreak version of iOS. On the other side, Android devices are much easier to break as compared with iOS devices. In android devices, it is easy to comprise the operating system. Third-party apps can easily interrupt, record, or intercept your phone calls, messages, browsing history, and photos. Here are some ways to protect yourself from unwanted surveillance or interruption.

How to Protect Yourself from Spy Apps:

As long as your privacy is concerned, it is mandatory to take some steps in this regard. Now we are going to discuss some ways to protect our devices from these spy apps. So, let the fun begin!

Keep Changing your Passwords:

Your credentials are the major gateways to get access to your devices. So keep changing them. Having the same passwords for a very long time makes them easier to crack and decipher. Hackers can try brute forcing to crack your passwords. So change your credentials periodically.

Never Use Jailbreak or Rooted Devices:

Jailbreaking is actually modifying and breaking the operation system of any device however; you wish. Jailbreaking weakens the security provided by the manufacturer and it is easy for hackers to hack such rooted or jailbreak devices. Obviously, there are some advantages with rooted or jailbreak devices but these devices are hackable or more vulnerable. Once your device is compromised, it is quite difficult to keep it safe.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks:

Public networks are the favorite crime spots for black-hat hackers i.e. intruders. Joining a public Wi-Fi means giving access to local administrators without authentication them. Now, they have complete freedom to study and monitor your online activities. They can even modify your information that you have provided to different websites using public Wi-Fi.

Well, it’s not like all the public networks are vulnerable. Public networks are easy to penetrate and hackers can install or send their viruses in these networks easily. So, sometimes administration is not guilty. But at your end, it is not advisable to use any kind of public network if you are very strict about your online privacy.

Never Visit Unsecured Pop-ups or Links:

Well, your home/private network is also not 100% secured. Clicking on strange pop-ups or unknown links may start downloading a strange file on your device. This downloaded file may be a virus or malware which could break your device’s security. Firstly, never click on strange or unknown links but if something is downloading stop it before it finishes.

Keep Your Devices Updated:

All the major manufacturers i.e. Apple and Samsung keep updating their operating system and security regularly. You must update your device to the latest version available. Never skip any update. These updates improve the overall performance of your device and specifically the security of your device. If you are too lazy to keep a track of updates – set your phone to automatic updates. This way your phone will keep updating automatically.

Use Third-Party Security Apps:

Yes, there are hundreds of spying apps available on the internet but their solution is also available. You can download third-party security apps to keep your phones and devices secured. These apps are developed to make sure everything is right on your device.

Remember these apps also keep a track of your activities. But this data is in safe hands. Developers of these apps don’t share any data without your consent.

Scan Your Device Weekly:

Download an antivirus to keep your device safe from malware and viruses. Any kind of malware is software that is designed to track your device’s progress and performance. So, having some virus in your device might create some back-doors for the hackers to penetrate. It is advised that you should scan your device every week to eradicate any kind of malware.

Final Verdict:

Spying apps are specially designed to spy on your online progress and track your activities. Spy apps are very good in rare cases but mostly intentions to use these apps aren’t good. Once a spy app is installed on your pc, any third party can see your messages, online history, phone calls, and photos. So, try to keep your device secured to avoid any kind of data breach.