How can you watch Live Sports without cable? Affordable alternatives for Canada

Sling TV
Sling TV

Canada’s summer timely matches with most sports competitions; thus, anyone in the region should get themselves plugged into a reliable sports streaming site. Many processes are involved in selecting the best site to stream from. First, we need to research the sports streaming site to show most of our favorite sports.

Fans should also research blackout rules and regional networks to decide if they need a VPN or not. However, the internet is full of malicious stuff, and you wouldn’t want to be in trouble because you went for the free sketchy links. In addition, you wouldn’t pay for an annual subscription if you only intend to watch specific finals or stages of your favorite sport.

It is advisable to take the sports streaming site that offers subscriptions that align with how long your favorite sport will be played. Visiting the site and perusing through their schedule will help you decide on the streaming service that suits you the most.

There are many sports streaming services, but we have selected the most affordable Cable tv alternatives in the Canadian market.

Sling TV

While seeking a cable TV replacement, Sling tv is an affordable cable tv alternative to get in Canada. Hearing of its partnership with NFL may have you thinking it is just for football, but that is not the case. The two plans avail a variety of sports channels to choose from, and fans of almost every sport are well catered for. All fans have to pay up for their most suitable subscription and enjoy.

Despite Sling TV is the perfect option, it is only available to US users. To access it in Canada, one has to be connected through a VPN. Once you are in, their charges cost $35 per month for each. This is despite most of the channels overlapping. $45 per month is the standard charge to get both plans combined, although there are discounts in many cases.

Both subscriptions are well hooked with sports channels that enable you to stream live sports in Canada you prefer.


Fortunately, if you prefer using FuboTV, it is among Canada’s leading live sports providers. With FuboTV, you get extensive access to over a hundred different channels. FuboTV is listed here because it gives access to the top live sports channels. It competes well with other streaming services but spices up things by providing 250 hours of cloud DVR.

FuboTV supports almost all streaming devices, and therefore, it is more flexible to use once you sign up for an account. The subscription prices for FuboTV are relatively fair, considering what you get in return. The base price for a month is $64.99. However, you get an option for a 7-day free trial. The many sports channels available make it a haven for sports fans and thus keeping FuboTV at the top of the chain.


If you want to stream anything under the most popular sports, DAZN has you covered. DAZN is dedicated to streaming live sports, and you will see in a while the fairest offers. It is easily available in Canada without any restrictions. Users can also stream their most preferred games on two devices for a single subscription.

Dedicated to sports, DAZN is not much into other programs and shows; thus, its prices are relatively lower. For only $19.99 a month, you have access to DAZN and all its channels. However, for an annual subscription, you pay $12.50 monthly. Furthermore, with DAZN, you do not have to worry about compatibility with your devices as it connects with most, if not all, TVs.

YouTube TV

Using YouTube TV should be on your bucket list, even if it is only for a few days. The vast content that is available through it is impressive. But without forgetting what our goal is, YouTube has several sports channels that air live sports and also has an online DVR avoiding the use of a cable box at all. Also, do not forget that it works on almost all devices.

YouTube TV has a general price of $64.99 a month but can start with a free trial. The 85+ channel list gives users various sports channels to choose from. An option to add up on the subscription rate to get extra channels adds users to seven more sports channels.

However, it is crucial to note that YouTube TV is only available in the USA and users in Canada have to use a VPN if they are to access it.


It is possible to watch live sports without a cable while in Canada. The streaming services listed have among the best prices, although they depend on the type of subscription you wish to continue with. In blackout rules and regional networks, users can always use a VPN to access content from locations they wish.