How Could AI Destroy Humanity

How could AI destroy humanity

Are Humans becoming robots, too? Well, the question may mess up your mind, but we as humans have become highly dependent on technology. It now seems impossible to think of getting out of this digital trap. However, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence over time, it has become threatening for us humans. AI is improving everything but at what cost? In this article, we will discuss the possibilities of how AI could destroy humanity.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence: an ability of computer-controlled robots or digital computers to perform tasks. It has made a place we could’ve never imagined. It is rapidly growing, allowing humans to rest and make their lives much easier apparently. But is it what it seems like? Well, everything good does come with its consequences. If AI taking over the human world is not scary, then we don’t know what is.

How Could AI Destroy Humanity?

Well, the AI could destroy humanity in many different and dangerous ways. The AI for you right now may seem like a walking sentient robot. However, these intelligent species are eventually planning to share the earth with humans. However, now, with advanced AI, humans have become more dependent on technology for day-to-day tasks.

Some well-known names in the field of AI have also written letters stating that AI could one day destroy the entire humanity. The letter stated the latest series of warnings about AI. Today, AI might be the LLM model that can subtract and add, so people shouldn’t worry. Well, if you think like that, then it must be concerning. After learning the little differences, you will be shocked. In this article, we have listed down some of the dangers the AI has caused over time:

  1. Allowing students to generate essays for their academics and causing the death of creativity.
  2. Fake information can be generated through AI Large Language Models (LLM).
  3. Lack of ability to learn any information or skill when it is easy to create through AI.
  4. Destroying the next generation of intelligent class and stopping human progress forever.
  5. Also, it allows hackers, terrorists, and malicious actors to destroy cybercrime.

The undeniable fact is that AI does have a lot of benefits as well for the human race. We are further going to discuss these benefits.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence on Human Lives:

Artificial Intelligence has become advanced, which has made these intelligent species far more special and advanced than human beings. It is undeniable that these machine models have helped us to pass through tough situations. AI Robots can think critically and also have problem-solving skills, which can be really helpful and time-saving things for us humans. AI is beneficial as long as the user of the technology is sensible enough to take some help from it instead of completely relying on it.

Unfortunately, these LLMs it is operated by malicious actors who can hack accounts and commit cybercrimes with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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Humans Would Still Live After Destruction by Artificial Intelligence:

Humans Would Still Live After Destruction by Artificial Intelligence

AI Could Destroy Humanity; it does sound philosophical and a bit dramatic. But it is true, for sure, so it means humans will still live. Well, yes, they will barely live as a human because what makes this species different is being taken away by Artificial Intelligence. AI will become uncontrollable in the near future. The horrifying thought of giving a machine to make life and death-decisions without any human intervention gives us chills down our spine.

However, this idea of destruction caused by AI to the human world is not a new one and has been shown as a major theme in Science Fiction movies and literature for years now. A world where the TV, machines, and any advanced technology turn against humanity and cause destruction.

Is AI Transforming or Destroying the Industries?

Is AI Transforming or Destroying the Industries

The scary scene is that AI is currently transforming the tech industry but will become powerful enough to take over the business world in its own hands. Some professors working as researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence say that today’s system might not be at a potential risk. However, in two or three years, it can be very threatening, and AI could destroy humanity. One is not sure of the things these machines can do to humans and the earth.

Suppose you see it like this: if you ask these machines to create as many paper clips as can ever be made. Then, think how humanity would survive with shut shutdown of paper clip factories. We will witness everything being taken away. Now, these companies are planning to hand over the stock markets, power grids, and even military weapons to the AI systems. Which means they are stepping one step closer to the threat we can face in the future.

The Contribution of Large Language Models

Then, the authority would never be under the control of humans and can’t be turned off or completely shut down by humans, while others think that it is completely ridiculous to think like that. These initial signs of destruction can be seen in AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard AI, Bing, etc. Another prime example would be AutoGPT.

Now, these systems are being transformed by researchers each day; they can generate text on whatever topic you want. Like if you want a business idea, you search for it, or you enter something like “how to make more money.” Then, it will keep looking for all the ways in which that goal can be achieved. AI tools can write applications and can even use them and would always improve themselves.

The Downfall of Humanity:

The Downfall of Humanity

Companies like Google and OpenAI were around 2018, as mentioned above; when you seek help from these underdeveloped AI chatbots, they can come up with some weird ideas. As I’ve mentioned above, if you ask an AI chatbot about “how to make money,” it will come up with all the goals. Surprisingly, it may even give you some silly suggestions to break into banking systems. These systems try to replicate themselves whenever someone tries to turn them off.

These AI systems can solve mathematical sums and equations by fetching information from all over the internet, and they don’t have to learn skills for years like us humans, which makes it easier for AI to control humans and destroy humanity. We are mindlessly seeking help from these technologies, forgetting that we are the ones who created these intelligent technologies.

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