10 Best AI Writing Assistant Tools

AI Writing Assistant Tools
AI Writing Assistant Tools

AI writing tools, what are two words to describe it? Explosive and Effective. The popularity and use of AI-powered writing tools have increased over the last few years, making writing simpler. This is an opportunity to explore how artificial intelligence is used in various writing and writing jobs. Here is a rundown of some of the best AI writing tools that you can take advantage of to help you with your writing tasks.

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AI Writing Tool        ProsCons
Jasper.aiEfficiently create plagiarism-free contentGenerates lots of contentIt has new features, templates, and functionsIt may be expensive for an entry-level personSome of the wording might not be factual 
ChatGPTIt is highly accurateProvide refined information in real-timeProgrammed to respond to multiple languagesLimited in knowledgeIt can make errors
RewriteTool.netEasily rewrites sentencesCreates unique content with enhanced readabilityFree to useGenerates materials without plagiarismIt can affect SEO if not used properlyContains ads
CopyAIYou can use specific tones for writingIt has a decent text editorCreates much content with different templatesContent requires a lot of facts checkingDifficult to build long-form copies
RyterAIUser-friendly for beginnersWell-organized user interfaceSupports multiple languagesInbuilt plagiarism checkerIt does not include an informative toneInconsistent sometimes
GrammarlyChecks grammar, fluency, punctuation, spellingAuto-citations and formattingTone suggestionsRewrites sentencesThe free version is limited to checking errors and spellings only, not style It still requires a human editor
QuillBotOffers free planCitation generator and grammar checkerEasy-to-use interfaceHas word limitationsDoes not support long-form content
Fraise.ioCreates great readable contentGreat researching and writing toolUse top research to generate SEO-optimized articles  Needs human editingIt does not work well for introductions and conclusions
SEO.aiResearch keywords, topics, and outlines that will perform well in ranking on GoogleOffers content suggestionsWrites SEO-optimized contentNeeds fact-checkingIt might produce complex statements
LongShotEasy to useUsers can adjust the inputs to get quality responsesGenerates content quicklySometimes generates inconsistent outputs that you will have to rewrite

1. Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is one AI writing tool where you can input commands and create content quickly. It generates marketing copies like blog posts, articles, social media captions, product descriptions, Facebook ads, and Books.

It offers hundreds of templates that you can use to add your input and then view the response on your screen.  It makes content creation easy, and you only need to use Jasper to generate the content you need while focusing on better ways to market your products or services. 

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the newest products of the OpenAI company, which uses artificial intelligence to create content following human prompts and inputs. The chat box feature opens a conversation between the bot and the human user. 

You can use this tool to create content of different levels. It is free to use but also has a $20 per month premium plan. Apart from writing responses to texts and documents, it also helps programmers write and understand codes. 

3. RewriteTool.net

Rewritetool.net is the best rewording tool for rewriting sentences, blog posts, articles, or any other content that needs rewording. The article rewording tool is easy to use, with a system function carefully rewording the article to produce unique content. 

It scans through the article to understand its original tone before rewriting so that, in the end, the final result will still be unique but free of plagiarism. It creates high-quality Google-friendly content that is void of errors or plagiarism. 

4. CopyAI

The list of AI-powered tools would not be complete without including the CopyAI tool. It does not only give great content, but it also helps you automate your content workflow. You only need to input the text, and the tool takes over from there.

Use the AI tool to convey your thoughts and ideas better by leveraging the different writing styles and tones. Copy AI works for a wide range of users who can use the tool, like Freelance writers, Email marketers, Social media managers, business owners, etc. CopyAI saves you time, effort, and energy when creating content for your small business or websites. 

5. RyterAI

When creating high-quality AI content for freelancers and small businesses, RyterAI is the tool to use. It works well for social media posts, Youtube videos, Ad copies, landing pages, etc., and responds to multiple languages. 

Ryter AI uses the GPT-3 model to create plagiarism-free content from your supply input. Users can access over 21 tones to express emotions and ideas like formal, casual, humorous, convincing, etc.

6. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a popular AI tool that works well if you write online. When it comes to grammar checks, spelling, typos, and checking for punctuation marks, this AI tool comes in handy. 

Now, what does Grammarly do? It assesses and scans your documents for any errors and corrects them. Improve your writing style and tone with the best writing suggestions with this tool. Grammarly removes a sloppy writing style and replaces it with professional, clear, and engaging content.

7. QuillBot

With the QuillBot AI writing tool, writing is effortless and faster. Its primary function is paraphrasing content and documents by rearranging your words and arranging them in a new order to make sense. 

Quillbot’s AI feature doesn’t stop at paraphrasing. It is also a plagiarism checker, citation generator, and grammar checker that scans typos, grammatical errors, etc. You have the option of using different speech styles that you can choose from till you find the one that expresses what you want to write.

8. Frase.io

Frase.io is an AI SEO tool that takes the cumbersome job of optimizing your SEO content yourself. You can research and create content for SEO purposes in a lesser time rather than spending lots of time analyzing Search Engine Result Pages {SERPs.}

Leverage the Frase text editor to help you see how your content will do well compared to competitor sites. Frase uses its analytical features to suggest how to create Google-friendly content.

9. SEO.ai

SEO.ai allows you to use its Artificial intelligence feature to generate SEO content faster. Apart from generating SEO-friendly content, it uses Natural Language Processing (NPL) to research suitable keywords, headlines, and topics that will help you rank high on Google. 

Learn how to improve your content and SEO score, outrank your competitors and fill any content gaps that will boost your rankings. SEO.ai makes copywriting easy and fast using AI to generate outlines, topics, and text.

10. LongShot

Longshot is an AI-powered writing tool that uses AI to write articles, blog posts, or content. The tool creates a wide range of content for different purposes.

It works alongside tools like Semrush, Medium, WordPress, Hubspot, etc. With the LongShot Chrome Extension, using the tool is easier as you can now integrate the use of AI as you work on the internet 


All the AI writing tools listed here are efficient and will serve you for whatever writing task. Now you have different options if you need an AI-powered tool for writing your content. Each tool is designed to help you write better. Even though some are better, it’s up to you to use the one that suits your work well.

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