How Does an Autoclicker Work? Why Gamers Use Them

How Does an Autoclicker Work

If you are really serious about nailing a high score, reducing manual stress, or automating your clicking tasks, then an auto clicker can be a game-changer.

Yes, using these unique software you can easily perform your daily jobs like testing, gaming, or data entry, which generally requires repetitive clicks.

However, let’s be honest, figuring out the various layouts and technical settings can be a bit confusing especially when you have just heard about these auto-clicking tools.

So in this article, we will take you a closer look at how an autoclicker works in general and make you familiar with the inner working also. And, you may also checkout Auto Clicker For Chromebook Automates Your Essential Tasks.

What is Auto Clicker App?

An auto clicker is an automation tool that takes charge of clicking automatically while giving rest to your fingers. It is particularly designed to automate specific tasks, either by simulating mouse clicks or by repeating the pre-recorded inputs.

Although there are plenty of applications available in the market but there are very few auto clicking apps like this one, that works on all devices like Windows laptop or PC, Chromebook, and Android tablet, mobile, or smartphone.

Most auto clickers come with a set of standard settings that allow you to configure patterns like click intervals, click type, and dynamic locations on the screen. However, there are also custom-made tools made for more complex scenarios.

All in all, the main purpose of these apps is to automate multiple clicks at a given rate which is something they excel at and are popularly known for. And you will be shocked to know that, they have the capacity to generate 1000 clicks per second.

How does an autoclicker work?

Auto Clickers simply work by sending quick commands to specific target points on the screen and performing clicks accordingly. But there’s more that goes into the working of these macros.

If we look into the basics, then these are the simple programs written in the C, Python, or Java programming languages. Generally, they are easy to use, set up, and once triggered, they start following the instructions to click automatically. And you may also checkout Objectives and outcomes of DevOps bootcamp.

Let’s say you are playing games and have a task that requires a series of mouse clicks. In such cases, manual clicking can be a serious hassle and to get rid of this you can simply work with these apps on your machine.

To begin, download the GT Auto Clicker and install it rightly. Now you select a fixed cursor point on the screen, along with the number of clicks, the time between clicks, and whether to perform single or double clicks. These cursor points are often fixed but many software give you the option to dynamically choose points using X and Y coordinates.

You can also assign trigger keys known as Hotkeys and they can be a single key or a combination of multiple keys. By default, some autoclickers use F6 as the hotkey, but you can easily replace it with other keys. For instance, you can set the hotkey combination as Ctrl +Z to initiate the auto-clicking sequence. This means that whenever you simultaneously press Ctrl and Z, the macro will be activated to perform the pre-recorded click settings.

Once these click patterns are set, the auto clicker software takes over for clicking actions to generate a continuous stream of instructions that guide the mouse cursor to the hit designated target points. It then simulates a mouse click at each location, replicating the actions that would be performed if you were clicking manually.

Why Do Gamers Use Auto Clickers?

In gaming communities, all these automation apps are very well-known for several compelling reasons:-

  • First and the most obvious reason for using them in games is that it provides gamers with a significant advantage by automating repetitive clicking tasks. In some games like Roblox, these tasks can be either collecting resources, building blocks, or hitting enemies to progress levels.
  • Also, the clicks generated in auto clicker work at an incredibly faster rate which is nearly impossible for a human to replicate those actions and this gives gamers a clear cut advantage over their opponents.
  • Continuous clicking can strain the fingers and wrist, especially during long gaming sessions. By using them, gamers can reduce the physical strain on their hands, giving them more comfort in their sessions.


Hopefully, this article has given you a clear idea about how an auto clicker work. We have covered all the inner workings to make you familiar with this brilliant tool. To give you an easy suggestion you can opt for our favourite one which we have discussed above because it offers endless customization options and free to download.

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