How Does the Cost of Scrum Master Certification in Pune compare with other cities?

Scrum Master Certification in Pune
Scrum Master Certification in Pune

Agile practices are being adopted in project management teams quite rapidly. In agile development, the Scrum Master is an extremely important leadership role. But to ace the role, you will need proper skills and knowledge.

An entry-level certification is useful for professionals to gain awareness about Scrum values and methodologies. In Pune, you can easily enroll in an online training program to gather knowledge about the Scrum framework. Dive deeper into this article to discover more about Scrum Master Certification cost in Pune and other cities in India.

Overview of Scrum Master Certification in Pune

A course to become a Scrum Master in Pune delivers detailed knowledge about the Scrum framework. The framework is crucial in Agile project management. The training course will ensure that you fully grasp Scrum methodology and implementation.

After completing the Certified Scrum Master training, you must sit for the exam. Once you pass the exam, you earn the title of Scrum Master. The certification will ensure all learners can display their Scrum expertise to potential employers.

Cost of Scrum Master Certification in Pune and other cities

The cost of Scrum Master Certification in Pune is Rs 19,999. If you are pursuing the course from Simplilearn, the cost remains the same across all cities in India. The following are covered under the total fee:

  • Virtual online classes for two day
  • Training by globally acclaimed Certified Scrum Trainers
  • Certified Scrum Master exam fee included
  • Ability to retake the exam for free
  • Two-year Scrum Alliance membership
  • 20 PDUs and 16 SEUs
  • Complimentary access to 15 courses for Rs 25,000

The Scrum Master training comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the exam on the second attempt.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

The Certified Scrum Master program in Pune is useful for Scrum team members and managers. The course will benefit any team or professional looking forward to adopting the Scrum framework. The ideal professionals to pursue this training program include project managers, product owners, and project management officers.

No prerequisites are necessary to start the Scrum Master Certification training. The skills covered during the training are as follows:

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  • Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Scrum lifestyle
  • Significance of agile
  • Scrum terminologies
  • Scrum lifecycle
  • Scrum roles
  • Daily Scrum and review
  • Distributed Scrum

If you want to brush up on the basics of Scrum Master training, check out this video:

Benefits of the Scrum Master Training Program

The different benefits of the Scrum Master training program are as follows:

● Develop a strong knowledge of the Scrum Framework

The CSM certification will help train individuals who need to become more familiar with Scrum but want to know about it. CSM teaches the required abilities an individual needs to succeed at securing Scrum Master jobs in different industries. Possessing an in-depth understanding of Scrum will enable the employee to address the team members’ obstacles successfully.

Moreover, Scrum knowledge can ensure that the product is created as intended and delivered on schedule. The CSM is suitable for professionals aiming to achieve the necessary Scrum success in their organization.

In the agile industry, people must constantly stay updated about the latest market trends to stay relevant to Scrum Master jobs. The CSM training is crucial for staying updated with Scrum’s latest trends and knowledge. Moreover, it helps keep the learning mindset of professionals open.

The certification ensures professionals are always prepared to learn more about Scrum values and principles. Furthermore, the training program also enables the learners to become aware of important Scrum Artefacts like Sprint Backlog, Product Backlog, Burndown Charts, and more.

● Move ahead in your career

The CSM certification offers individuals a reputable credential accepted by the Scrum Alliance, a highly regarded organization on a global scale. After completing the training, the professionals get access to a wide range of chances and advances in their careers. The program prepares students to develop marketable skill sets that will set them apart from their competitors.

It helps candidates eager to learn more about the Agile sector create an Agile attitude. As candidates look for Scrum Master jobs, the CSM certification will capture recruiters’ attention since they recognize its importance. The certification can also help professionals get a high salary package with better incentives than others. The average yearly earning of a Scrum Master in India is Rs 15 lakhs.

● Become an asset in the workplace

If an institution is adopting the Agile framework, it will need a Certified Scrum Master. Only a certified expert will be able to solve issues associated with product development or implementation.

When an organization implements a new methodology, the processing, people, clients, and management get affected. The CSM course ensures learners get practical knowledge to make everything run smoothly after an Agile transformation.

● Enhance team Collaboration and Management

Managing people and completing the intended job on schedule while maintaining quality is a crucial ability for a Scrum leader to develop. The CSM program provides individuals with training in team management and aids in their comprehension of team development. The candidates learn the value of teamwork and how to collaborate effectively to develop successful products.

The certification helps gain knowledge of their duties and several management techniques and advice. Professionals also learn soft skills, including listening, understanding, problem-solving, and communication, to excel at Scrum leadership. They will be able to use their skills in the professional world to solve the problems facing the Scrum Team and ensure effective communication occurs.

End Note

The Scrum Master Certification has massive value in the market. The growing demand for Scrum professionals makes the training course worth it. After completing the training and passing the exam, you will become highly noticeable among employers.

Moreover, you will become prepared for higher salaries and get better at managing Scrum teams in different industries. So, enroll in a Scrum certification course in Pune today!