Scrum Master Certification: What is it and Why Pursue it?

Scrum Master Certification

Are you interested in Scrum practices?

Do you want a certification that provides you with global recognition?

Do you want to work in a well-established company like Capital One, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and many others?

If most of your answers are Yes, you have landed at the right place.

In this article, you will find all you need to know about Scrum Master certification and the reasons for pursuing it.

What is Scrum?

Basically, Scrum is an Agile methodology of moving toward product completion by dividing it into small sprints as you complete short increments of work. This way, you consistently review and adapt to outcomes making enhancements at every step and finally coming up with an innovative and efficient product.

Though initially designed to help in software development in the IT industry, Scrum is now used across almost every sector, including banking and finance, manufacturing, construction, product development, marketing and advertisement, and many others.

What is Certified Scrum Master?

CSM or Certified Scrum Master is an entry-level credential awarded by the reputed Scrum Alliance, which symbolizes your competency in the principles of Scrum project management.

This coveted certification is awarded to professionals who efficiently demonstrate their skills and knowledge in Scrum terminology, principles, and practices in the CSM exam.

As per the definition given by the Scrum Alliance, a Certified Scrum Master is one who a Scrum Trainer has trained about the topics including Scrum practices, terminology, and principles that enable them to play the role of Scrum Master efficiently.

Earning a CSM certification serves as the first step to becoming acquainted with the Agile and Scrum frameworks. A Scrum Master is a project manager who is capable of utilizing Scrum in executing the project methodologies.

Obtaining CSM status demonstrates your understanding of Scrum as an Agile methodology. It demonstrates that you are a capable leader who can direct your group toward producing goods and attaining your company’s objectives.

This certification shows that you are familiar with Scrum’s concepts and practices, which include working in short iterations with cross-functional teams, promoting prompt feedback, and applying and assessing changes to the product your team is developing.

What Does A Scrum Master Do?

Some of the common responsibilities of a Scrum Master are mentioned below.

  • A Scrum Master makes sure that the team meetings are more effective and efficient by helping the team members to focus on interaction and collaboration, which forms the core of Scrum.
  • As a Scrum Master, you will train and guide the team members by helping them in upskilling and acquiring better organizing skills.
  • One of the most important duties of a Scrum Master is to eliminate obstacles coming along the execution of the project. Every project has its own hurdles, and a Scrum Master is supposed to try hard to remove those.
  • As a Scrum Master, you are required to terminate obsolete steps, deal with organizational challenges, and mentor novice Scrum leaders.
  • A good Scrum Master creates a learning and adaptation environment by using challenges as a learning experience for team members and enabling them to bring improvement in their tasks.

Why Pursue a Scrum Master Certification?

While pursuing any certification, professionals think twice about the benefits before investing their valuable time and money in it. Below are mentioned the main benefits of pursuing a CSM certification.

A CSM certification proves that you are an expert leader, far better than a conventional project manager, as you have attained expertise in utilizing Scrum and Agile methodologies of project management.

The ability to demonstrate that you possess the potential that businesses seek in their Scrum Masters is one of the main advantages of earning a Scrum Master certification. Every team needs a dedicated member who can manage and complete various Agile projects. Hence there is an increasing demand for Scrum Masters. After all, a captain is necessary for every squad.  Below are mentioned the main benefits of pursuing a CSM certification.

Benefits of a CSM Certification

  • Acquire Expertise in Using Scrum

No matter whether you are a novice or an experienced Scrum user, earning this credential expands your knowledge and makes you capable of eliminating hurdles. When you are required to lead larger teams, and that too across different departments that are using the same framework, this credential is an added advantage.

  • Get opportunities to advance your career

Certifications are meant to enable you to advance your career in the preferred domain. The same is the case with a CSM. acquiring a Certified Scrum Master certification expands your career opportunities considerably. In comparison to colleagues who are not certified, this certification will increase your relevance and make you a stronger contender in your industry. Also, it gives you the abilities you need to support organizational transformation and achieve the objectives of the company. Also, it demonstrates your agile approach, which is valuable to your company.

  • Enhance Team Collaboration and Management

As a CSM, you will be required to act like a mentor who motivates and encourages team members. You are required to help the team members so that they can work together smoothly. In other words, you will be improving the collaboration among team members. The CSM credential demonstrates that you possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to efficiently lead an Agile team. You attain a competitive edge over your counterparts with a CSM in your resume.


Going through the lines of this article makes it clear that attaining a CSM certification can get you a great career with lucrative salaries. This is a job full of creativity and innovation in project management.

To learn and pass the CSM certification exam, you can take an online training course from a reputed institute like Simplilearn. It provides the training via industry experts active in their domain and conducts Ask Me Anything sessions at the end so that there are no doubts and everything is crystal clear. The best feature of this course is that it provides career guidance once you complete the course.

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