How to Advertise on Twitter – 5 Quick and Easy Steps

How to Advertise on Twitter

Want to run an advertising campaign on Twitter? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to start with X ads. In this article, we walk through a guide on how to advertise on Twitter. So, without further delay, let’s dive in!

How to Advertise on Twitter – 5 Quick and Easy Steps

1. Set up a Twitter Ads Account

Log into your X account, and on the left side panel, tap on More and then click on Ads. Next, follow the below-mentioned steps to run an X ads campaign.

2. Select Ad Objective

What do you want with your Twitter ads? According to your campaign objective, X will provide the best engagement kinds and actions for your Twitter campaign.

Select Ad Objective

Select from the following available ad objectives:

  • Reach: This section showcases your ad to as many people as possible within a set timeframe. And users will only pay for every 1,000 post impressions. Use this to raise business awareness and improve business perception.
  • Engagements: Grab more engagements around your accounts by creating ads that people would want to interact with.
  • Followers: Promote your X account and gain more followers.
  • Website Traffic: Drive more traffic on your website with the help of X ads. This type of campaign influences Twitter’s Click ID to provide you with an authentic way to measure visits coming from your Twitter advertisement.
  • Keywords: Target audience who use particular keywords relevant to your campaign. It is an effective way to shrink an audience with high intentions.

3. Create Ad Campaign

The next window lets you create your ad campaign by entering text and relevant media. X allows you to upload a new media file or select from your existing media library. You will need to add a headline and a link to your preferred landing page.

Create Ad Campaign

On the right-hand side, you get a preview of what the ad would look like. Use this as a guide to transform your ad design.

4. Customize Ad Delivery

The next move is where you determine whom to target. Initially, choose the key audience by demographics targeting means who you want to reach with this ad. You can select your target audience based on gender, age, and location.

Customize Ad Delivery

Optionally, X provides multiple targeting features to transform your ad delivery. You can target viewers based on the keywords and devices they use and their interests and languages. It even allows you to target people who follow accounts that resemble yours.

Customize Delivery

5. Set Budget & Schedule

Finally, it’s time to decide how much you are willing to invest in your X ads campaign. When you set a daily budget, it provides you with total control over your spending. As such, X will stop showing your ad once you have reached your budget limit. Moreover, make sure to add a date range for your advertisement. It ensures that your ad only runs for the typical time frame.

Set Budget & Schedule

Lastly, add a credit card to your X advertising account. Then, once you have completed everything, click the Launch Campaign button to go live with your ad.

8 Tips & Tricks to Successful Twitter Advertising

Below, we mentioned some best tips and tricks to run a successful X ads campaign.

1. Keep it Short

If you add a link, Twitter allows you to use 280 characters in your ad or 257 characters. But it does not mean you should use all the space. X research suggests the best-performing Twitter ads only use 50 to 100 characters.

2. Don’t forget to include CTA

Don’t hesitate to tell people what you want them to take after seeing your X ads. Is your campaign objective to gain followers? Don’t completely depend on the follow button.

Specially appeal to the audience to follow you in the body of your post. The same goes for all campaign goals. Request for what you want, and you are more likely to get it.

3. Avoid Hashtags and Mentions

While these X features can be extremely helpful in organic posts, they are best to avoid in paid ads. They make ways for X users to click away from your ad in ways that give you no purpose.

Devote your efforts to getting users to interact in ways that directly fulfill your campaign objective, like visiting the website or following your account.

4. Represent Video Ad

It is a great idea to upload at least one video in every campaign. X recommends creating your video for 15 seconds or less. Remember that videos less than 60 seconds will play in a loop.

Try to grab attention in the first few seconds, adding clear branding within the first 3 seconds. X research shows that video ads with clear branding lead to 30% higher brand recall.

5. Don’t Stick only on Videos

Using a complete combo of ad formats gains the maximum impact. X recommends using 3 to 5 different ad formats to increase Twitter engagement, brand awareness, purchase intent, and website traffic.

A variety of X ads layouts allows you to convey your message in a multitude of ways to your audience while avoiding ad exhaustion.

6. Work on Your Bid Strategy

When you first start advertising on X, it is hard to know exactly how much to bid. In this situation, it is great to take benefit of X’s auto bid feature to ensure your paid ads fulfill your objective.

As your X advertising campaign runs, keep an eye on your bids and the performance of all of your ads in X Ads Manager. It helps you understand how much you should expect to spend and allows you to adjust your bids to maximize the performance of your most beneficial ads.

7. Adjust Your Target

When you are unfamiliar with how advertising on Twitter works, you don’t want to terminate probably valuable aspects by targeting your ads too shortly. Target accordingly what you know about your viewers, but keep things almost wide-ranging to begin.

As your X ads run, keep an eye on output to see which audiences are most active, and add a band of targeting to focus on them and users like them.

8. Runs Separate Campaign for Mobile and Desktop

People use X differently on mobile and desktop, and they overwhelm ads differently, too. Not only do mobile ads need to be customized for the smaller screen, but they also need to optimize for the rapid sessions and quick scrolling of mobile users.

X suggests that mobile X use also features Spur-of-the-moment fasten in purchase intent.

Creating separate campaigns modified for desktop and mobile users allows you to understand how Twitter ads work in every setting and get the most from your ad investment. Conversely, focus on one of these viewers if you watch it convert to accomplish your goal.

Final Words

In this article, we have shared the complete details regarding how to advertise on Twitter with tips and tricks to run an ads campaign that most serve you. As all we know, Twitter is the best social media platform to showcase brands, products, and new business or even to promote your accounts to get the highest engagements through X ads.