Targeting the Right Audience With X Ads

Targeting the Right Audience With X Ads

Do you want to drive the right audience directly to your business? Look no further; Twitter ads are an ideal choice for businesses, creators, influencers, or any Twitter avid who aims to gain followers, reach, and engagement. So let’s explore this guide to know how X ads promote your accounts to your targeting audience.

Why Should You Consider Using X Ads?

Now, before you start investing in a paid campaign for X, formerly known as Twitter, you may be interested to know what’s in it for you or do Twitter ads really work. This social media platform has a lot of potential with progressive targeting functionalities and new ad formats. Likewise, advertising on X could increase your Twitter engagement and reach. So, let’s explore some of the top advantages of running Twitter ads.

  • Capability to Reach Millions of Users

According to the latest X stats the platform currently has 528.3 million monthly active users. Beyond this number, 237.8 million monetizable users use the application daily. You could likely reach millions of individuals with your X advertising efforts.

  • Aim-based ad Campaigns

X lets you optimize your ads regarding your campaign aim. You get to select from a range of campaign objectives, and X will only charge you for actions that match your selected objective. In simple terms, your money exactly goes on the way to achieving your goals.

  • Vigorous Targeting Capabilities

The X ads manager gives multiple choices of campaign targeting options. It allows you to modify your ad targeting to reach only the most relevant audience. At the standard level, you can use demographic targeting to reach the audience based on the following:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Device
  • Carrier
  • Zip code

For more advanced targeting options, you can decide to showcase your X ads to the audience based on the following:

  • Conversation they engage in
  • Events relevant to your fan-following
  • Keywords they used
  • Whether they have interacted with a specific post from your account
  • The movies and TV Shows they watch
  • What their interests are
  • Whether they share the same interests with your existing followers

X even allows you to create unique audience segments using off-platform customer information. The custom Audiences feature will enable you to create specific user groups that can be used for groups to target, exclude, or expand to.

  • Rise in X Ads Engagement

Ad engagement on X is growing. It speaks volumes about the consequences of advertising on Twitter. X saw a 7% year-over-year increase in ad engagement in the second quarter of 2022. If these trends extend, you can expect to start ad campaigns that drive a multitude of engagements.

How Many Types of X Ads?

There are many different ad formats to decide from, from advanced to simple. Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular X ad types.

1. X Promoted Ads

Prompted ads look similar to other posts where users can like, comment, and repost the content. These ads are labeled Prompted and will be shown to users all over the platform. Some of the formats you can select from are:

  • Text Ads: These ads are just like normal posts, without any media.
  • Image Ads: These ads allow you to include one image.
  • Video Ads: These ads can allow you to include one video.
  • Live Ads: If you have a live broadcast, you can promote it via live ads.
  • Moment Ads: This section is best for storytelling because it allows you to promote a collection of posts.
  • Carousel Ads: With this section, you can add multiple videos or images to one Twitter ad.

2. X Follower Ads

If you want to run Twitter ads to grow your followers, follower ads are a perfect choice. This ad format will promote your complete X account to those who don’t follow you. The ad will be shown in search results, in the User’s timelines, or Who to Follow section. Additionally, the ads will also have a follow button to allow users to follow your profile easily.

3. X Takeover Ads

Takeover ads are showcased at the top of the timeline the first time a user opens the app. X takeover ads are beneficial for those who want high visibility and engagement. Moreover, this format of ads allows you to add videos or images.

4. X Amplify Ads

With X Amplify ads, you can promote a short 15-second video. The video ad will be played right before the longer content or in the middle of the content just like you saw the ads on Youtube.

How much do you pay for Twitter Ads?

For advertisers, the cost to start an X ads campaign is customized according to your budget. That means how much you get depends on how much you are willing to invest.

It is of great value to understand how much it typically costs to advertise on the Twitter platform. According to sources, you can expect to spend a minimum of $0.38 per action. However, the actual cost depends on the ad format. Here is a quick rundown of the average cost

Ad TypeAverage Cost
Promoted Ads$0.25 to $2 per action
Follower Ads$2 to $4 per follow
X Takeover$200,000 per day

Remember that X charges you based on actions relevant to your ad objective. It makes it easier to stick to your budget because you are not paying for actions that don’t match your aim. Check out the different chargeable actions for each objective.

ActionsHow Twitter charge
ReachCost per 1,000 Tweet impressions
Video viewsCost per view
Pre-roll viewsCost per view
App installsImpressions or app clicks
App re-engagementsCost per app click
FollowersCost per following
Website TrafficCost per engagement
EngagementsCost per engagement


Q. Is X ads worth it?
Yes, Twitter ads are worth it. It is brilliant, especially when it comes to conversation rate, overall cost, and cost per action.

Q. What is the minimum budget for Twitter advertising?
With X ads campaign users choose the budget according to their preferences. There is no minimum spend required to run advertising on Twitter.

Bottom Line

Twitter ads are great for businesses to expand their Twitter reach and engagement. With this effective customizable advertising campaign, you can drive the targeted audience directly to your account, either your aim to gain followers or reach and engagement. However, X ads are ideal for any advertising, depending on your budget.