How to Block YouTube Channels

How to Block YouTube Channels

The channels on YouTube are so informative and helpful for everyone, but at the same time, they sometimes irritate you a lot. Or few channels produce low-quality content, so you want to block it. You can do it if you read this article carefully describing methods about How to Block YouTube Channels

Most of the time, YouTube shows us content based on our interests. However, some channels randomly pop up on our newsfeeds now and then. However, there are a few ways you can follow to restrict a few channels you don’t want to see populate your Youtube news feed.

Remember that you cannot “block” a YouTube channel in the common internet sense of the internet. Only you can direct YouTube for not displaying some videos in your recommendations.

Both mobile and computer users can use the following ways to block YouTube Channels.

Method-1 How to Block YouTube Channels on a Smartphone

Follow the instructions below and block all those channels plastered on your Youtube app with endless recommendations.

  1. You need to open the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Log into your account & Open the channel you to block. You may tap the channel’s username on a comment or video.
  3. Tap the available three dots in the top-right corner of their channel page and choose the Block user.
block user
  • Tap Block user.
block user

Method-2 How to Block YouTube Channels on a Computer

There’s another way to block channels recommending inappropriate content to watch. This will only take a few minutes and implies specifically to the computer.

  1. First, visit, log into your account, and open the channel you wish to block.
  2. You can do this easily by clicking their username on a comment or video.
  3. Click on About from the list of options at the top of their page, under their username and banner.
  4. Click the flag icon on the page’s right and select Block user.
Select Block User
  • Click Submit.

Method-3 How to Block YouTube Channels on a Firestick, Fire TV Cube, or Fire TV

Mostly people believe that a Fire TV Stick or Cube doesn’t offer the option to restrict YouTube channels from popping into your feed. When you highlight in your feed, there’s no menu icon (three vertical dots). Still, we found a tip to present the option to block a channel from showing up on your YouTube homepage.

  1. Open the Fire TV Stick or Cube and select YouTube. The screen should display the homepage.
  2. Pick a video from a channel you want to block from appearing in your YouTube feed. Don’t click the “Select” button on your remote.
  3. HOLD DOWN (not press) the “Select” button on your Fire remote.
  4. A slideout menu shows on the right side. Choose “Not interested.”
  5. Select “Don’t recommend channel.”

Congrats, you’ll no longer see any video on your YouTube Homepage as you have successfully blocked a channel constantly showing you irrelevant content.

Method- 4 How to Block YouTube Channels on Apple TV

apple tv

Even though you have an Apple TV device at home and want to restrict access to a channel you dislike, you can do this by setting the parental controls on your profile. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. You should come up with a PIN code to utilize in your restrictions.
  2. Visit the Settings app from the bottom of the screen using your remote.
  3. Select General, followed by Restrictions.
  4. Enter your PIN code, then repeat it to confirm. Press the OK button to continue.

Now, you can begin customizing the restrictions:

  1. Go to the Restrictions category again to access the menu.
  2. Set Restrictions to ON mode, then move down and select the Apps tab.
  3. Here you need to select theDon’t Allow Apps” option.

Finally, the restriction is applied, and now you must enter the PIN code whenever you access YouTube App. Again, this doesn’t block channels separately. It will assist in restricting access to content you don’t want others to catch.

How to Unblock YouTube

In case you mistakenly block the channel and now looking for a method to unblock a YouTube channel. So follow the steps below.


Sadly, you’re supposed to immediately select Undo after blocking a channel, and you can’t separately unblock it. It’s all or nothing. You cannot even see a list of channels that you have blocked.

  1. To unblock all channels, go to your Google My Activity page.
  2. From the menu on the left side, click Other Google activity.
  3. Below YouTube’s “Not Interested feedback, click Delete.
  4. Again, you have to click Delete to confirm it.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have learned how to block YouTube channels that don’t align with your preferences. Although, on the smartphone, you can’t just completely block that YouTube channel. Instead, you can tell YouTube to stop showing such channels in your recommended feed. Therefore, if you go through this guide, you’ll block channels, hide videos, report violations, and manage your blocked channels list to have a more joyful and tailored experience on video.