How To Cancel AMC Plus Free Trial Version

how to cancel AMC plus free trial

In today’s fast-paced digital world, we often find ourselves searching for ways to unwind and indulge in our favorite movies and TV shows. And that’s where platforms like AMC Plus come into play, offering a treasure trove of captivating content at our fingertips. With its free trial version, AMC Plus allows us to explore the vast expanse of its entertainment offerings, opening doors to unforgettable experiences and captivating narratives.

However, as circumstances change and priorities shift, it’s only natural for us to seek ways to manage our subscriptions. If you find yourself needing to bid farewell to the AMC Plus free trial version, fret not, for this guide will navigate you through the process with grace and ease.

So, let’s embark on this journey together as we explore the tech behind canceling the AMC Plus free trial, which allows you to take control of your streaming adventures once more.

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About AMC Plus

AMC is a premium service OTT video streaming platform launched 2 years back in June 2020 by AMC Networks. This American application has tons of entertaining bundles like exclusive content, live feeds, and TV series from famous TV operators like BBC America and IFC. It has an interesting fact everybody likes: it provides early access to the original content before it premieres on TV.

You can watch entertaining content in 2023, including: “John Wick: Chapter 4” and “The Little Mermaid” exclusively on AMC+. You can also make selections from hundreds of movies and dramas. On the other hand, you can watch different shows and content every week, which are added by the AMC platform to spread entertainment throughout the world.

Furthermore, once you become an AMC member, you can enjoy multiple perks like free ads, free non-stop watching, and access to exclusive content. And you know what the best of AMC is? It is easily accessible from different devices like Android, Roku, and web browsers.

Why Does the Public Cancel AMC Plus?

Public Cancel AMC Plus

The people who love to use AMC subscriptions have their own opinions but opinions and preferences may vary from public to public. And individuals may choose to cancel their subscriptions to different streaming services for various reasons.

  • Subscription or membership cost
  • Maybe the content availability does not meet the user’s expectations.
  • Limited usage
  • Competitive alternatives
  • Dissatisfaction with the service quality, technical problems, streaming interruptions, and more!

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How to Cancel AMC Plus Free Trial

To cancel your AMC+ free trial version, you can follow these general steps:

Cancel AMC Plus Free Trial
  1. Visit the official website of AMC+ or open the app on your device.
  2. Sign in using the credentials you used to create your account for the free trial.
  3. Look for an account or profile settings section. It is found in the user menu or under your account name.
  4. Now within the account settings, search for the billing section. It may be labeled as “Subscriptions,” “Membership,” or “Billing.”
  5. Find the AMC+ subscription within your list of active subscriptions. It should specify that it is a free trial version.
  6. Click on the option to cancel or manage the subscription. Follow the instructions provided to cancel your AMC+ free trial. It may involve confirming your cancellation or selecting a reason for cancellation.
  7. Once you have successfully canceled the free trial, you should receive a confirmation message or email confirming the cancellation.


Q1: What are the benefits of the AMC+ platform?

These are the AMC+ benefits that you will be able to enjoy.
• Exclusive AMC content
• A new addition to movies and shows
• Ad-free binge-watching non-stop entertainment
• 7 days free trial
• Pocket-friendly subscription plan
• Easy to subs and unsubscribe

Q2: How to log in to AMC Plus?

Let’s activate your AMC Plus application…
• Open the AMC Plus application
• Enter your Email & Password. Also, enter Activation Code from Your TV
• Wait for a while to update the screen
• Now you are ready to stream

Q3: How do I cancel my AMC+ free trial on Amazon Prime?

• Go to manage your Prime Video Channels
• Select Prime Video Channels
• Find AMC Plus
• Select a channel and tap cancel to confirm.

Q4: What is the AMC Plus customer service number?

If you want assistance taking out the details about subscription cancellation, you may contact 800-692-7753 or Apple support.

Q5: How to cancel AMC+ on Roku Device?

• Press the home button and highlight the Roku channel
• Press the star button to open the main menu
• Press Manage Subs to see the list of Premium subscriptions on the Roku
• Select AMC+
• Select cancel subscription & follow the screen instruction
• Once you select cancel subs, press confirm and done.

Q6: What is the Subscription plan of AMC Plus?

Before deciding to buy, you must visit the site to get promotional discounts at the time of purchase and get more perks.
• Standard Monthly Cost – $8.99 (Plus Tax)
• the standard price for the annual plan – is $83.88 (Plus Tax)

Q7: What are the AMC new movies today?

• The Machine. R 1 hr. 52 min
• Book Club: The Next Chapter. PG-13 1 hr. 47 min
• Fast X. PG-13 2 hr. 21 min
• About My Father. PG-13 1 hr. 29 min
• The Little Mermaid. PG 2 hr. 15 min
• You Hurt My Feelings. R 1 hr. 33 min
• The Super Mario Bros. Movie. PG 1 hr
• Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. PG-13 2 hr. 30 min.