YouTube TV Review Top Reasonable Premium Cable Substitute

YouTube tv review
YouTube tv review

Google live Television streaming service launched YouTube TV on 28 February 2017. This streaming facility has steadily presented about 100 plus best channels collection, which is,inappropriately, only available in the United States. This streaming service correspondingly has other incredible features to be a better choice than any of its competitors like Hulu Plus, Fubo TV, and others. Here, in this detailed guide, we set a review on YouTube TV.

In addition, in the end, we also share our team’s conclusion about the YouTube television streaming service.  

Features Review of YouTube TV

YouTube television offers pleasant quality features. Like the user get on-demand content and live TV channels. Moreover, it will bid a large number of quality topographies such as multiple users’ devices, voice control, unlimited recordings, on-demand content, audio and video quality, and many other incredible things.

DVR Recordings (For 9 Months)

The cloud DVR storage service of YouTube tv offers the functionality to keep as many recordings as possible. Like dramas, movies, shows, or whatever you like without any charge. So, if you are worried about losing any show when you cut the cord, fortunately, YouTube television allows you the DVR, which is the best cable experience.

However, it is the only streaming service with unlimited real-time cloud DVR storage to stream or play recordings from anywhere. But not endlessly; it will junkyard your saved recordings after nine months. Moreover, this service also allows the built-in fast forwarding of the advertisements in the recorded program.

On-Demand Content

For a user, it is convenient to watch older dramas or series that originally aired before you start to record them using the DVR service.

Like YouTube, various subscription channels agree to watch their shows after the original air, on demand. Such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hobo Max, etc. However, the on-demand feature of YouTube TV lets you skip the commercial ads. Meanwhile, the DVR service would not let you skip the ads.

Video & Audio Quality

Picture quality is very important for any television. The live stream of YouTube television is 720p to 60 fps (frame per second), and the HD (High Definition) quality is the same as most other streaming television services. However, 60 frames per second are significant for streaming live sports. But unfortunately, this service does not stream any content in 4K HD quality or HDR (high dynamic range) until you add the 4k plus add-on.

Moreover, the content that streams on YouTube tv is 2.0 stereo audio. But unfortunately, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound (audio quality with Blu-ray discs) is not accessible on this service.

Multiple Sharing Subscription

YouTube tv service is connected with a Google account, so most folks are not wanting to share their Gmail access with anyone. Another incredible feature of YouTube’s tv is that it allows three users to stream in real-time from streaming devices like computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

The multiple sharing subscriptions make it easy to add other members to make their profile via their own google account to this cybernetic home. Watching history, DVR, and preferences are observable to each account. However, this service is inappropriately unable to reach internationally; multiple users enjoy it in their state.

Interface YouTube TV Review

The YouTube tv interface is pretty similar to the systematic YouTube website. Due to the interface of YouTube television, the reviews are outshined. However, the interface contains three sections Live, home screen, and library.

Interface: Home Section

YouTube TV’s home screen content (top picks for you) is created on the live and on-demand content you are watching. For instance, if you constantly watch movies, you may see the movies related videos or channels. Moreover, you will get some playback tools on the right-side reverse buttons and 15 seconds forward.

However, on the left side, you can select an audio track, close the caption toggle, stream quality, and alter the playback speed. In addition, if you want additional information on a particular content, click the information button.

Beneath the restart watching row, you will find and also can add the other content rows like sports, news, comedies, movies, talk shows, game shows, documentaries, and dramas in the home section.

Interface: Library Section

The library segment is actually the home of DVR, where you will get the current recordings like shows, movies, dramas, and other forthcoming recordings that you add to this section. Moreover, this section will correspondingly add every single content you purchase via play, movies, and TV.

YouTube Live TV Review

The live section list accesses you to the channels to watch presently playing content. Moreover, it also allows the user to dismiss the channel you don’t see from the setting menu section. But if the user searches for a particular show, the search function states when the content will be on air.

What Channels Can You Watch on YouTube TV?

Watch on YouTube TV
Watch on YouTube TV

The channel list is perhaps the utmost significant reason for choosing a cable or television substitute. One of the best features of YouTube tv is that it makes more than 100 channels available, including news, entertainment, sports, and local and comedy channels. That is available in the basic monthly package plan. As a matter of fact, this service brings one of the wide-ranging channel listings of all video streaming services.

News ChannelsSports ChannelsEntertainment ChannelsLocal ChannelsLocal ChannelsInformative Channels
BBC AmericaAAC NetworkAMCAMCCartoon NetworkAnimal Planet
BBC World NewsBig Ten NetworkBETThe CWComedy CentralOxygen Channel
E!FS1The CWTelemundo*Telemundo*Discovery Channel
ESP NewsGolf ChannelDisney ChannelUSA NetworkPop TVPop TV
FOX*Motor TrendMotor TrendMotor TrendFood Network
FOX BusinessNBA TVSundanceTVSundanceTVFS2
FOX NewsSEC NetworkSEC NetworkUniversal KidUniversal Kid
PBS*NBC Sports NetworkFreeformHGTV
HLN channelNBC UniversoGalavisiónNat Geo WILD
Investigation Discovery (ID)Investigation Discovery (ID)Investigation Discovery (ID)National Geographic
MLB NetworkOlympic ChannelOlympic ChannelTravel Channel
Hallmark Channel
VH1 channel

Review of YouTube TV Packages

YouTube TV does not have an agreement like most other streaming services. Subsequently, users can stop at any time without any drawbacks. Meanwhile, this service does not have many channels like other streaming services. But it delivers the virtuous worth of local channels and unrestricted cloud-based DVR.

Here we have described YouTube’s TV pricing plans review.

Basic Pricing Plan $64.99 for 30 Days

Basic Pricing Plan
Basic Pricing Plan
  • Users can stream 100 plus channels in the base plan, including sports, news, entertainment, local, informative, and kids channels.
  • Six accounts can share at a time with your household with no long-term agreements.
  • Users can add extra channels that pay an extra amount.
  • It also bids unlimited DVR space for nine months.
  • The user will get 10 percent off in the first three months, becoming 54.99 United States Dollars per month.

Spanish Pricing Plan $34.99 For 30 Days

  • Users can stream 20 plus Spanish channels in the Spanish rating plan, including sports, news, and entertainment.
  • Six accounts can share a service with the household lacking a long-term contract with unlimited DVR space.
  • In the first three months, the user will get 60 percent off. After that price reduction and it becomes $24.99 per month.

Add-Ons 4K Plus YouTube TV Review

Add-Ons 4K Plus YouTube TV Review
Add-Ons 4K Plus YouTube TV Review

YouTube television subscriptions also offer users the advancement of the streaming content service with the 4k Plus add-on. That encourages premium channels over 25, with a free trial of seven days—however, the best way to get uncensored movies, shows, or dramas on youtube tv.

So, let us hover to see the list of YouTube tv Add ons and their price.

YouTube TV Addons ChannelsPrice Per Month U.S Dollars
Acron TV$6.00/month
ALL BLK$5.00/month
BeIN Sports$10.99/month
Con TV$4.99/month
Comedy Dynamics$4.99/month
FOX Nation$5.99/month
HBO MAX$14.99/month
Hallmark Movies Now$5.99/month
IFC Films Unlimited$5.99/month
Law And Crime$1.99/month
NFL Red Zone$10.99/month
NBA League Pass$28.99/month
Sports Plus$10.99/month
Sundance Now$7.00/month
Up Faith & Family$5.99/month
WE TV+$5.99/month

Companionable Devices to Stream YouTube TV

The streaming services possessed by Google servers arrange or line up the device’s compatibility. If you want to watch a show or series, you need to know that the device is compatible with YouTube TV. However, fortunately, this service is well suited to most devices.

Here is the devices list that you can select to stream your content.

  • Apple TV
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android TV
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Ruko TV, Ruko Streaming Stick
  • Samsung TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Fire  TV Stick
  • Vizio TV
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Review YouTube TV – Pros And Cons

100 plus channels in Base PlanMissing some local sports channels
Live and On-Demand ContentLoading Issues intersect streaming
30% off in the first three monthsOnly Basic Parental control possibility
Free trail existingNo add-free package plan
Unlimited DVR SpaceNo add-free package plan
Simple and smart set menu
Reasonable Premium Add ons
Support three streams per account

What’s Our Decision on Youtube TV Review

Our team assesses many streaming services to deliver inclusive and equitable reviews on YouTube TV. This streaming service delivers a wide variety of channels for both live and on-demand programs and custom-made recommendations that our team likes the most.

Moreover, this streaming service, YouTube TV worth almost the same as most of its contestant’s services. This service also offers 1080p streaming, which actually sets it apart from the competitors. Meanwhile, the lack of advertising free option and its loading screen interruptions is frustrating, and we detested it.

When everything sums up, our verdict is that YouTube TV has some defects but is enormously thrilling. And it successfully substitutes cable at a lower value. Subsequently, we have to say that YouTube television is one of the finest cable replacements.


In this review post on YouTube Tv, we share detailed information on its features, interface, pros, cons, compatible devices, package plans, and channels that this service offers. I hope this guide helps you know more about You Tube television. So, let us know in the comment box whether you have joined the subscription to this service or not.