How to Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription [Complete Guide]

How To Cancel A Twitch Prime Subscription
How To Cancel A Twitch Prime Subscription

Twitch Prime is an updated variant of the Twitch Turbo subscription service. It is based on Amazon. In this article, we are going to reach on how to cancel Twitch Prime.

Twitch Prime comes with advantages such as a Twitch channel subscription, member-only private chat badge, loot gifting, exclusive emoticons, and member entrée to game content, extended chat color options, and extensive broadcast service. However, there might be reasons to cancel it.

How To Cancel Twitch Prime
How To Cancel Twitch Prime

What Is Twitch Prime?

To combine the massive market of Twitch into the services that Amazon provides, Twitch Prime was created. It’s a premium feature that offers all varieties of benefits to users of both the Twitch and Amazon streaming platforms.

Within these programs is the capability to subscribe to any of your favorite streamers on Twitch without additional cost, getting up to two months of stream storage, and having total access to Prime Video for free. All of this completely unites two seemingly different audience and consumer types into one market.

The Reason You Want To Cancel

Maybe you got bored with the service, perhaps you just wanted to check it out, or maybe it wasn’t necessarily what you needed. Whatever may be why you want to cancel Twitch on Prime, it’s your right to do so.

Probably, as is in the case of most people, you wanted to get those free video games that activating the 7-day free trial of a Twitch Prime subscription reaches you. No shame about that. That’s one of the main reasons people want to cancel. And yes, you can still do this, notwithstanding that.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime?

Check How Many Dates You Have Of Free Trial

If you are previously past the 7-day free trial period, you can skip this step. For all of you that still have hope, here’s what you have to do: access your Amazon account and go to “Twitch Account Settings.” Here, you will see how much time you have before the service begins charging you up.

Now, for those of you who chose to keep the service beyond the 7-day trial and now don’t want it anymore, don’t worry; the following steps still apply to you.

Go To Amazon.Com

So, you have your games, and you have previously checked out the other features Twitch Prime had to offer. It’s time to go. First, you will have to go to Yes, even if the service is frequently encountered through Twitch, the managing of subscriptions is through Amazon.

The following step will also give you, if you want, to terminate your Amazon Prime subscription. Twitch Prime can get bundled with Amazon Prime; by canceling the second one, you automatically remove the first one.

Go To “Your Prime Membership”

As soon as you are on the Amazon home page, enter in the small tab at the top of the page named Account & Lists, then tick on Sign In. Here, you’ll insert the credentials of the Amazon account tied to the subscription.

The page will reload but with you logged in. Now you can go again to Account & List’s and, in the right column (the account column), watch for the option called “Your Prime Membership.” Here is where you can see all the data regarding all your subscriptions with Amazon.

Click On “End Membership”

This is where you drop it, but Amazon, it’s not moving to make it easy since they don’t want you to leave. On your Prime Membership page, watch for the tab at the top called Membership and click on it. A dropdown menu will look, and the last option will say “End Membership.” Hit here.

You’ll be sent to the next page. Watch for Prime Video and click End My Benefits, located below it. It will send you to a different page, yet again, where you have to hit on Continue To Cancel. And then you’ll go to the final page where you’ll hit on End Now.

Just Cancel Your Twitch Prime Subscription

The plan above showcased the steps to cancel your subscription from Amazon Prime since the service is attached to Twitch Prime, but what if you want to keep your Amazon Prime and Prime Video accounts? In this instance, we will have to follow a different plan.

At first, it is the same. Go to and sign in. Then, hover over Account & Lists and watch for My Account in the dropdown menu. Here, you’ll find many options to change your account.

Unlink Your Twitch Account

Now that you are on your Amazon account’s main page, watch for a box full of hyperlinks called Digital Content and Devices. Inside it, there should be a selection called Twitch Settings. Hit here.

You will be redirected to Twitch, where you will notice a list of all your Twitch accounts. Look for the one you would prefer to cancel under Your Twitch Accounts. Once you get it, click on the button to the right – the one that says Unlink Account – and then hit again when it requests for confirmation. There you go!


Q: How do I cancel my Prime subscription on Twitch?

A: Login to Amazon and click on Your Account. Scroll down to Settings. Click on Manage Prime Membership. Select to cancel the membership.

Q: Can I cancel my Twitch Prime free trial?

A: Can You Cancel Twitch Prime After Trial? Just Click on Your Prime Membership Account. Hit on The End Trial and Advantages on the bottom-left. Preferred option End My Benefits, And Select Continue to Cancel or Keep My twitch Membership.

Q: How long is the Twitch Prime free trial?

A: Every month, receive exclusive in-game loot, free games, a free subscription on Twitch. Tv, PLUS everything included with Amazon Prime. Free 30-day trial. Just $12.99 per month after trial. Cancel anytime.

Q: How do you delete your Twitch account?

A: To disable your Twitch account, start on the Twitch website and sign in. You’ll need to do this from a web browser, as you won’t be able to disable your account using the Twitch app on the desktop, iPhone, or Android. Once you’re signed in, choose your account icon in the top-right corner.