How to Catch a Ditto? (5- Amazing tricks)

how to catch a ditto
how to catch a ditto

You might think catching a Ditto is as hard as math homework, but it’s more complicated than even running a lap”. To complete your PokéDex list in the Pokémon Go game, catching that irritator and fluffy Ditto is necessary. But here, the question arises how to catch a Ditto? And why. The top reason to catch Ditto in Pokémon Go is a task as a Mega Discovery. Ditto is one of the famous and unique monsters in Pokémon Go because of the disguise feature of other Pokémon on a map. That’s why it is not easy to grab, and grasping it is a big accomplishment. Also, it makes a hurdle for the trainer to accomplish the Field Research Task. Another reason for the unrevealing Ditto disguise is for PokéDex in Pokémon Go. It is a requirement like the “Let’s Go Meltan” mission; otherwise, you do not make progress.

With the 500 Pokémon in the pool, it is difficult for trainers to recognize. The low appearance rate makes it difficult to grasp Ditto in mobile games. The following section will learn about the identification and disguised feature in the previous Pokémon Go generation. In this article, you will know the tips to catch a Ditto in a subsequent section.

Why do Ditto Pokémon changes in Pokémon Go

Shiny variants of Ditto for Gen I are introduced on the 20 of February in the Pokémon Go tour of Kanto. Ditto is no longer in the pool as a Magikarp when it goes shiny and is first in the Pokémon Go pool. Then it will remove from the pool, and many other Pokémon join the pool to compensate. To catch Ditto, trainers have to complete a Pokémon Go tour. Some of the shiny variants are already unlocked; that’s why the list of new Pokémon ditto is hiding. The new “Season of Mischief” launches as shiny Ditto in the wild.

If the shiny Pokémon is present in the list doesn’t mean that it is Ditto. In contrast, any Pokémon that is not shiny, maybe Ditto or a shiny ditto Pokémon. These features are for players to avoid disappointment. So catch every Pokémon in Kanto Special Research if you have missed shiny Ditto.

Identify Ditto to Catch

Ditto is a Transform Pokémon. It seems like a purple blob in the Pokémon of Gen I. Instead of “Gotcha,” when “Oh” will appear on revealing your Ditto with a smiling face means you have caught a Ditto. In Pokémon, go if you want to catch shiny Ditto so you can. It does not guarantee any Pokémon’s face of that shiny Ditto, so it disguises itself like him. But trainers can catch Drowzee Pokémon when it seems shiny. And your mission is accomplished.

pokemon go how to catch a ditto
pokemon go how to catch a ditto

Disguised Ditto in Pokémon Go

In the “Season of Mischief,” Pokémon ditto transforms with other Pokémon. There are mostly Gastly and Drowzee type Pokémon, but it emphasizes Ghost and Psychic-type in the new season as they appear more frequently in the wild. According to the generation’s overview, a list of undercover Ditto in Pokémon Go shows. The list of disguise Pokémon updates uniformly. Ensure to go through the updated list in a few months. (Phentermine)

  1. Gastly
  2. Drowzee.
  3. Teddiursa
  4. Remoraid
  5. Gulpin
  6. Numel
  7. Stunky
  8. Dwebble
  9. Foongus
how to catch a ditto in pokemon go
how to catch a ditto in pokemon go

Tricks to Catch a Ditto

Ditto is very irritating Pokémon in the entire Pokémon Go franchise. To catch Ditto is only your fortune, as it is challenging to catch, but there are some tricks to trap it.

Target Ditto in Pokémon List

Watch over your targeted Pokémon in your list. As all these are common, it will help you to find what sort of it as many of the Pokémon are present in the mix.

Make Trap for Ditto

Instead of another way, Ditto comes from the same way. If you don’t want to lose, you can trick the Ditto through lure or incense mode. If you are standing at one place, use the lure trick for fishing Ditto to Pokémon list.

Partnership to Catch a Ditto

If you find a Ditto and one of your fellow players are also looking for it, you can get that simultaneously. On subscribing to the Pokémon Go Discord group, you get benefits from contacting your fellow and updating you in their area. But be cunning as time is short of catching. Unlike the shiny Ditto, you cannot share it with your fellow player.

Smash a Lucky Egg to Catch a Ditto

Get one’s hands-on the Ditto of Poke Ball from the above tricks; you cannot hatch it like an egg. This trick will not help you catch Ditto, but you will get a lot of XP on hunting. To double your XP for 30 minutes, try to break Lucky Egg like Star Pieces because you examine every Pokémon presenting in your way. Time to increase your strength.

Use of Ditto in Battlefield

Ditto xerox has all its moves, tricks, and states of opposite Pokémon. It mimics the opposing Pokémon if it gets into the battlefield against the trainer and transforms like his first Pokémon. When you get the Ditto, you don’t use it on the battlefield as its HP is low. After grabbing it, you can use Ditto as a friend, but it takes candy and stardust every 3km.


Catching a Ditto is itself a puzzle in the Pokémon Go game. Firstly, it is hard to identify and trap it as it disguises itself as other Pokémon. Not only its face but also its attacking tricks and moves as well. Eventually, you have to use some tricks to catch it. I hope the above tricks will help you to complete your mission of grabbing it and achieving PokéDex.