How to Change Apple Watch Band in a Few Steps

how to change apple watch band
how to change apple watch band

Do you want to give a whole new look to your Apple watch by changing the band? If yes, this article will help you change the Apple watch band according to your style. You can change it by holding the release buttons and sliding them across. ( Now slide the other band until it fits correctly. Although you can apply the guide to the 1st generation, series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5SE, and series 6 of the Apple Watch.

One of Apple’s best things, when it initiated the Apple Watch in 2015, was to set a standard for replaceable watch bands. This allows you to exchange the band in seconds. Since then, the Apple watch bands have become the most famous tech accessory, with some individuals owning a band for every color they wear. Although the process of changing the band is quite easy, let’s move to the steps without delay.

Simple Way to Change Apple Watch Band

However, altering the Apple watch strap couldn’t get much easier, with Apple still executing the same two-quick release options on the underside of the watch that was featured on the 1st generation. But before you start changing, make sure to put a soft cover on the surface to prevent the watch from scratching. Let’s move to the instructions that help you swap the band.

  • First, you must flip the Apple watch, so its screen faces down.
  • Now, locate the band releases buttons; there is one button for the top band and the other for the bottom. They look like thin oval buttons at the top & bottom of the back of the watch.
  • Next, hold the band release button and, as you are holding, slide the band across in either direction to erase it.
  • Then, apply the above step with the band’s other side.

Inserting New Apple Watch Band

After removing the old band, it’s time to put on a new band. It can be challenging the first time as you don’t know how to do it. The only thing that looks for a proper fit is the band. The side facing has a more metallic center section that will be aligned with the release button.

  • Slide the new band in and make sure it must be clicked into place.
  • Now, repeat the step on the other side.

Now, you have successfully changed the new Apple watch strap. The ease of exchanging the Apple Watch’s bands combined with the utterly amazing collection of bands available in the Apple store and others may not be the main reason to get the watch, but it surely adds to the demand.

How to Accurately Fasten Your Apple Watch Band

  • If you wish to fasten a band for optimal performance, you must closely fit the watch on your wrist but not be uncomfortable. The watch must be in contact with your skin to let the sensors function and optimize the watch’s performance.
  • Apple suggests tightening the Apple watch during workouts (for more proper reads and safety, most probably) and releasing the band after the workout.
  • Wear the watch in any way you prefer. Apple notes that the sensors only function when the watch is on your writs.

Which Bands are Compatible with the Apple Watch, & Where can you find them?

Whether you have a 1st generation Apple watch, the newest series 4, or anything in between, you can use an Apple watch strap designed for any of the models, as long as it matches the case size of your Apple watch.

Apple states that bands for 38mm and 40mm cases are well-matched and interchangeable, as are bands for 42mm and 44mm cases. However, Apple offers a variety of in-house bands that you can buy from its website. Don’t forget to check the third-party straps, which can cost drastically less than Apple’s bands.

FAQs About to Change Apple Watch Band

Q1. What to do if the Apple watch band sticks off?

A tiny brush or old toothbrush helps you loosen excess dirt, dust, gunk, or lotion stuck in the band slot and release buttons. Now, run your Apple Watch over warm water directly to the buttons for a few seconds. You could try dipping a swab in WD 40 spray and dabbing it on the release button.

Q2. How can I identify the size of my Apple watch band?

You can easily find it by checking the model number of your watch. You can check the model number by applying the below steps.

  • Launch the Apple Watch app on your phone.
  • Then, click on the My Watch tab, and then click on General > About.
  • Now, locate the model field; you must see the part number that starts with “M.”
  • Next, click on the model field; the field update displays a five-digit number starting with “A.” That will be your model number of the apple watch, and choose the band as per your apple watch size.

Q3. Do Apple Watch bands fit in all models?

Yes, all apple watches are compatible with all watch series and versions. Hence, the connector size & the shape will be the same across all apple watches.

Q4. What’s the reason my Apple watch giving me a rash?

Sometimes, it happens due to the band if you do not wear it properly. If it fits too tight, then it can cause frustration. If it is too loose, it will cause extreme rubbing. Sometimes, it may happen because you are sensitive to specific bands’ materials. So for your ease, we suggest you daily wash & dry both the band after workouts and consider swapping the bands f the issue continues.

Q5. Are all apple watch straps the same size?

Not all watches are of the same size, but some are compatible. Before knowing how to alter the Apple watch band, check the model and size of the new band that will work with the device, you are using. Bands designed for 38mm cases are well-matched with 40mm cases, and the 42mm band is compatible with 44mm cases.

Final Words

Usually, we become bored with the same accessories, which goes for the Apple watch too. Users want to make it cool by changing the straps but don’t know how to change the Apple Watch band. So we have mentioned the simple steps to swap a watch’s strap. Now, it’s time for you to discover the crazy, pretty bands for your watch. Hopefully, the above guide will help you swap the Apple watch strap. You can check the apple store to purchase the bands, and don’t forget to check the other party bands. Tell us about your experience and where you prefer to buy the watch strap.