How to Change Home Address on iPhone: 4 Quick Ways

how to change home address on iphone

Do you want to know how to change your Home address on iPhone? Although a saved home address is a great feature, nothing feels more convenient than it can detect a home location in a few clicks. Further, the saved address also comes crucial for auto-filing forms. But what to do if you move to a new place? No worries, you can update your address on your iPhone to continue taking the benefits of having a saved address. This blog will let you know the ways to change home address using Apple or Google maps.

Moreover, you can use both Google and Apple maps on an iPhone; as both use the same registered address on your contact card. Hence, your phone will detect your new location but can’t set it as a home address on its own. So, it is essential to update the new location of your home. Otherwise, it will continue to use your previous home address. Read on further to find out how to modify the home address on iPhone.

Step-By-Step Guide to Change Home Address in Apple Maps on iPhone

Change Home Address in Apple Maps on iPhone
Change Home Address in Apple Maps on iPhone

To find your current home address, apple maps look at the home address on your contact card, so that’s where you have to change the address. Apply the below steps to change the home address via “Contacts.”

  • First, view the Phone app.

    Tap on Phone App
    Tap on Phone App
  • Second, tap on contacts at the bottom of the screen.

    Tap on Contacts
    Tap on Contacts
  • Third, click on your contact card from the top of the screen.

    Tap on My Card
    Tap on My Card
  • Then, tap on the “Edit” option to update the address from the top.

    Click on Edit
    Click on Edit
  • Then, select “Add Address” to enter the new address. Further, you can also tap the minus sign (-) beside the home address, then “Delete” to eliminate it.

    Add Address
    Add Address
  • When you enter the new address, tap on “Done.”

    Tap on Done
    Tap on Done

Tip- you can also do it by opening the Apple map. Then tap on Home from the favorite option. Next, click on Open my contact card. Move down until you see the home address details. Then edit it to update the new address.

How to Change Home Address in Apple Maps via Contact card
How to Change Home Address in Apple Maps via Contact card

Now your address and the new location will be updated in apple maps. If you do not see the new location on your iPhone, shut the app and open it again.

Change Home Location in Google Maps on an iPhone

You can easily change your home location on Google maps by following the steps below.

  • Launch Google maps on your iPhone and click on Saved from the menu.
  • Then, select “Labelled.”

    Tap on Labelled
    Tap on Labelled
  • Next, choose the triple horizontal dots next to the home

    Tap on 3 horizontal dots
    Tap on 3 horizontal dots
  • Here you will see the edit home option, so tap on it.
  • Now, clear the previous address and enter the new home location.

    Clear the home address
    Clear the home address
  • When you are done, you will see a new address; tap the pin to update it as a new home address.

Note- if you have never set your home location before, then you will not be able to see the triple dots option. Despite you have to click on Set once & go under Home, and then type your address on the next page.

Updating home Address by Changing Apple ID Address

Changing Apple ID Address
Changing Apple ID Address

What to do if you are moving to a new country? How will you change your new home address on your iPhone? No worries, you can easily change the location by updating the Apple ID address by applying the below steps.

  • View the settings app on your iPhone and select the “iTunes & App store.”
  • Then, select the “View Apple ID”
  • Now, update your location by tapping “Country/Region” in the “Accounts”
  • Here, you have to agree to rules and conditions and ensure that all of your Apple ID memberships are used & completed because updating your Apple ID might make them inactive.

Updating Home Address via Apple ID Billing Address

However, this is another way of changing addresses by altering the current billing address associated with your Apple ID. It’s because whatever changes you make to your billing address also shows on all Apple services that are connected to that Apple ID. So, if you wish to consider this method, then you have to access the Apple ID settings via iOS settings. Now, apply the below instructions.

  • First, open the settings app, and choose Apple ID to sign into an account.
  • Second, in the account menu, click on “Payments & Shipping.” Then, enter your password and Face ID to proceed further.
  • Now, click on your current billing address and then press edit to update the new address.
  • Then, click on Done to confirm the new address. Now your home address is successfully changed.


Q1. Why does the Apple map keep crashing?

You can solve this issue by rebooting it. If the Apple maps still crash after that, ensure that the software is updated. So, to check the software, open the settings, and move to the General > Software Update. If you see any updates, install them. Moreover, you can also delete the app and then download a new one from the app store to check that you are using the newest version. This might resolve your issue.

Q2. Is it possible to save Favorite locations on Apple Maps?

You can add your desired locations on Apple maps by following the steps below.

  • Navigate from top to bottom and choose favorites.
  • Tap on Add on the right and then choose the address in the address bar.
  • If you wish to give a name to the address, then rename the location and tap on done.

Q3. How to delete locations from Favorites in Apple Maps?

  • View the Apple maps and click on the More option next to favorites.
  • Click on the info icon next to the address you wish to delete.
  • Then, click on Remove Favorite.

Q4. How to add locations in Google maps?

The process of adding & save locations in Google Maps is similar to Favorites in Apple maps. You can use the below steps to save locations in Google maps.

  • Launch the Google map & search for the address you wish to save.
  • Click on the location’s information card & click on Save.
  • Now, click on the empty dot by favorites and tap on done.


People assume it is difficult to change the home address on an iPhone, as they face issues while doing it. Now don’t worry; we have mentioned the possible ways of changing the home address in Google and Apple maps on your iPhone. However, there are several third-party apps that you can use to update your location, so you just have to grant permission to the app to make a change in address.

However, we suggest you use the built-in services to do it. Hope the blog has resolved all your queries, and don’t forget to share which method you prefer the most in the comment section. Stick with us to get more helpful content.

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