How To Change Your Age on Tiktok: Obligatory Thoughts

Does Tiktok Allow You to Change Your Age

Being a famous Tiktoker, a big question arises about how to change your age on Tiktok, and it’s worth it because many people don’t want to show their actual age. Tiktok allows the 13 years old younger to sign-up and 18 years old to give a present to their favorite creator. Every social media app has a compulsory category to make a profile before going deep inside the app, where you have to put all your basic info.

Tiktok does not allow younger people (less than 13 Years old) to create their accounts because it is against the children’s privacy protection act, and Tiktok will also delete the younger account soon. However, organic Tiktok creators should use a correct birth date and update it if they have an account with incorrect age. So, update your birthday by reading the following article and put the exact one to get birthday wishes on time.

The Tiktok Sensation

Tiktok is a wonder for a new one and scary for other people because it has already uploaded every type of content. People and kids love them, but few parents are confused about showing their children due to their age. So I suggest when your child is about 18 years old, you may give them a mobile for watching their favorite tiktoker.

Furthermore, downloading the TikTok app immediately stuck you on different videos. I would say that it’s a perfect place for sensational people who love to hear and watch anything. It may be about young people, dance, love, comedy, poetry, or generally other things. Or if you are in a listening song’s mood, you can hear the Celine Dion, Rihanna, Shakira, and Selena Gomez songs in different versions along with varying video creations.

Is It Compulsory to Change Your Age on Tiktok?

Of Course, Not!

Changing your age on Tiktok is not necessary as you think after entering the wrong age on the account. But you should check it because sometimes it worthful for you and rewards you. Besides that, if you cannot change the age, delete the created account and make a new one where you can put your actual date of birth.

There are so many fake accounts on Tiktok that people use it to get likes for their videos, photos, etc. It is also possible to buy likes from third-party services. If you have been using Tiktok and you have noticed that your account has not been active for long, then you should check your account. There is a possibility that your account has been suspended or you have been hacked.

Does Tiktok Allow You to Change Your Age: Let the People Think

Does Tiktok Allow You to Change Your Age
Does Tiktok Allow You to Change Your Age

Yes, of course!

If you wish to correct your age on your old Tik Tok account without creating a new one, you can change it by emailing the Tik Tok team at [email protected] to change your age. Other than that, you can contact the customer platform support team via the app’s support section. So, follow the goal-reaching steps to move on.

  • First, you need to open the Tiktokapp, whichever mobile you use.
  • Click on your profile icon, which is available at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Tap on the threehorizontal line options in the top right corner of the mobile’s screen.
  • After clicking on the three lines, this will take you to the settings & Privacy page, where you need to scroll down until you see the support section. Now click on it, and under the support section, you will see a report a problem option, click on it.
  • Now, choose on account and profile and click on the editing profile.
  • After clicking on the editing profile option, a list shows where you need to choose another, and follow that to click on the need more help? Option.
  • Clicking on it will bring the feedbackform where you can enter your desired text request to change an inaccurate age on your million followers account.

Note: Tiktok customer support team will email you ASAP at the address associated with your account and request to show the Government issue card to confirm your identity on the Tiktok account to change your age.

Don’t Get into Trouble: Would It Be Better to Create a New Account?

The best thing is not to lie about your age because it is just a number – For the Scary People

If you tried the above method to modify your age on Tiktok and you also failed to get a positive response. So don’t worry, let your account be deleted and create your new account with the right birthday. Although, you still have a golden chance to download all your videos from your original account and re-upload them to your new account without going into trouble. Unfortunately, this means that you will be starting your account from A to Z regarding followers, likes and views.

Note: You can also use another strategy to create a new account with a parent, but you have to manage both frequently and equally.

Do You Wish to Make Changes to Your Tiktok Profile?

It’s natural to make changes in your profile, this may be because of your mood swings, or you want to update your social media world. Therefore, move on to further progress to learn to edit your Tiktok profile.

Editing your Profile Picture & Username

Do you want to give yourself a profile boost? Let’s edit the Tiktok profile for fun and engagement. You can always update your profile under the edit profile section of your Tiktok. Here’s how you can do it.

  • You have to go to your Tiktok profile and click on the editprofile option.
  • After clicking on editing your profile, tap on the changephoto or video option to update it.
  • Now you will choose a new photo from your phone, or you can take an instant snap for your DP as a profile photo.

If you see that your username is not related to the unique world of Tiktok and you are not recognized from it. So let’s make a new unique username and consider building an honest and crazy audience for you.

  • Go to your mobile screen and click on the Tiktok icon.
  • Now you need to go to your profile and tap on edit profile.
  • After clicking on edit profile, deleteyour current usernameand type a new username that should be decent or relate to your Tiktok content.

Note: Remember that you will not be able to change it again for the next 30 days.

Can You Change Your Current Language of the App

If you are bilingual and have listening power in different languages, you may change the current language to another one. Here’s how you can do it.

  • You have to open your Tiktokprofileand click on the three horizontallines to tap on the setting and privacy option.
  • Now, scroll down to find the language taband open it.
  • After opening the language tab, click on the app languagetab and choose your preferred language from the list.

Note: There will be 39 languages available over there; you may choose your desired one.

Wrapping Up About Change Your Age on Tiktok

That’s all about the article, and I hope that this will be helpful for you. By following all the instructions, you are able to change your age on Tik Tok. On the other side, if you do not want to change the age, go on to create and manage the account. If you wish to provide suggestions or feedback regarding the article or Tiktok, you can write it in the comment section.

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