Upload File to The Root Directory of Your Website

Upload File to The Root Directory
Upload File to The Root Directory

The maintenance of a website can be grueling. Especially, when you couldn’t figure out how to upload files straight into your root directory.

What is this Root Directory?

It has several names. Often called ‘root folder’ or sometimes only root. The root directory can be defined as either a folder or a partition in the “TOP” directory in hierarchy-wise. Put simply, the starting point of any particular folder structure is called the root directory.

In the root directory, you can access every folder in the system, which means files, too! Imagine a Root directory like a tree and where on top is the roots (folders) and below are its branches or (subfolders). The root directory like a tree is a base that is knitting them together.

Root Directory of a Website

Root directory generally describes the position where files of a website are stored. In the Unix and VMS operating system, it is stored on a specific user root account and stored in a single place of user’s every file, respectively.

For a website, its root directory must be updated occasionally, if not regularly.


Because root directory function as a ‘brain’ of a website (important files for a website) that requires time to time update to operate properly. These updates are various, such as:

  • Confirming by utilizing an HTML file method of a website
  • In the WordPress upload the file of XML sitemap or a robots.txt file
  • Verify the third-party services of the website which connects directly to it

Quickest Way to Upload File in Root Directory

Though there are many ways to upload your files in the root directory of your website. The quickest one is File Manager Pro through the WordPress plugin.

Here are 5 easy-to-follow steps to upload your file to the root directory of your website:

  1. Select the file you want to put in your website’s root directory
  2. In WordPress File Manager Pro Plugin, open the File Manager
  3. Go to your root directory of the website
  4. At there, select the file and press two options, “Upload” and then “Submit”, your file will be automatically uploaded.
  5. Close the File Manager


Q: Can’t find my way to the root directory in WordPress?

a: Don’t worry. The root folder can be directly open from File Manager. As in the files of WordPress, the root folder is the /HTMLfolder

Q: Where is the root directory in an SD card?

A: It is found under the SD card’s lowest level directory. Generally, the root directory of an SD card is present in the first folder.