How to Cure Madness Elden Ring

How to Cure Madness Elden Ring

One of the most popular games, the Elden Ring gameplay, is filled with poisons and blights, and it can be challenging to control when a player is close to an enemy monster. At the moment you are Okay, then a monster will suddenly appear, and you will rapidly die in the air. However, players can use some technique to cure themselves against being killed by these blights, like madness in Elden Ring.

In this gaming guide, we will walk through how you can treat the madness effect using these ways. Craft clarifying items, lucidity spells, increasing the Mind attributes, the mottled necklace, and immunizing horn charm.

So Let us dive deep into the post to get the details. If you are an Elden Ring lover, read this guide to know the secrets of Elden Ring for a better gaming experience.

1. How to Cure Madness Elden Ring with Clarifying Consumable Item

How to Cure Madness Elden Ring with Clarifying Consumable Item

A player can treat madness by crafting the clarifying blouse consumable items that are very rare to encounter in the game. Players can find them during the mid to late-game phases. Thus we recommend you get and craft the clarifying blouse items yourself.

Players can acquire Frenzied Cookbook (1) to obtain the clarifying consumable item. They found it at the start of the frenzied village in Liurinia of the lakes. It is on a dead body in a house directly in front of you when you enter the Frenzied village from the broken wall section.

As soon as you get the Frenzied’s Cookbook, use the below-mentioned ingredients to craft clarifying blouses to get the immunity to mitigate against the madness status bar effect in Elden Ring game.

  • X2 Dewkissed herba
  • X1 Crystal Cave Moss
  • X1 Eyes of Yelough

2. How to Cure Madness Elden Ring via Lucidity Spell

How to Cure Madness Elden Ring via Lucidity Spell

Using the lucidity spell to treat madness in Elden’s Ring is well worth it. But players must obtain enough progression in the Ranni questline to get the Lucidity spell. But the lucidity spell is thrown down by Preceptor Miriam in lakes easterly liurnia in the carian study hall.

After visiting the Nokron Eternal City, players go there during the witches’ quest. However, players probably require to contest with Preceptor Miriam before using the Carian inverted statue to invert the Tower of madness elden ring. While it’s also probable that players will need to level up or update their weapons before conquering her.

NOTE: Remember that several irksome mobs and their spells defending them have a devasting impact; thus, it is better to come ready to combat.

However, the lucidity spells require staff to utilize that offer player to cure the accumulated madness effect in your character, ensuring a positive game experience in Elden Ring. At the same time, the staff costs 14 despite how small and large it is.

The spell is quite short, but don’t let your status meter rise too quickly to be safe. Remember to use the spell before your madness meter fills, as casting a lucidity spell takes a while.

3. Increase your Mind Attributes

Mind is basically the main attribute influencing FP, which is identical to MP or Mana in other online video games like the Final Fantasy series and Diablo. Players require to upgrade Mind attributes if they are using a lot of FP.

In Elden Ring, the more skill points in Mind a character has, the bigger their focus pool and the more spells they can cast before needing a boost. The Mind attributes impact the focus Body Stat, enlightening a player’s battle to sleep and madness effects.

If players have a Mind and the talismans (the accessory), it will improve your life. Meanwhile, suppose a player has a low Mind level. In that case, they will encounter difficulty getting through Poison areas or the Frenzied Village. Which continuously makes the effect of madness buildup in them.

Here we have described the equipment that increases the Mind attributes to cure the madness in Elden Ring.

  • Navy Hood bounces +1 Mind
  • Marika’s Scarseal bounces +3 Mind
  • Precepator’s Hat Bounces +3 Mind
  • Marika’s Soreseal Bounces +5 Mind

4. Use the Talisman Mottled Necklace to Cure Madness

Use the Talisman Mottled Necklace to Cure Madness

If a player wants to cure madness, the Talisman Elden ring accessory can help them increase their stamina, resistance, and concentration by using it. The immunity talisman accessory mottled necklace, has many benefits. Meanwhile, players are conk to cure the madness with toxins and blights.

So, if you are looking for something that meets your need, try using the talisman mottles necklace accessory. Here we have shared the location where you will find the mottled Necklace.

Players will find at the end of the crumbling bridge that previously connected the external world to Nokron, the Eternal City. You can go into this area via waygate at the four Belfries. The +1 Version can be initiated on a dead body hovering stop some decaying arches in Nokron, the Eternal City, with a view of the Hallowhorn Grounds in Nokron Eternal City.

5. Equip Immunizing Horn Charm to Cure Madness in Elden Ring

You can use the immunizing horn charm (Talisman) to raise your focus Stat to help. But remember that it gives you resistance to 2 things sleep and madness. You can find the horn charm when you unlock the upgraded version +1 variant.

To unlock the +1 variant, get the dead body lying on the stairs leading to the lift going up to the Deep Sifora Well. If you kill the ancestral follower at the south eastern side of the lake of Rot Shore Grace, then you will reveal the variant.

What Causes Madness Elden Ring?

In the Elden Ring game, madness is a status effect that includes various valuable and negative buffs and diseases. It is imposed through various revenue with weapons, skills, armor, and spells.

If the madness occurs in Elden Ring, the player, and enemies are prone to its status effects. Players require to attack numerous times before the buildup meter or status bar fills to trigger a status outcome.

However, the brawl to cure a madness status effect varies from player to player and opponent to opponent in Elden Ring. The effect is activated when the madness meter is filled, and the target drops Focus Points (FP). That reduces their powerless to cast spells the target also takes health harm.

What Increases Elden Ring Madness Build-Up?

The madness builds up via the repeated application of the effect. Plus, some devilishly simple combination of stats and items causes the Madness effect to proceed quickly.

Even though all other status effects like (poison, sleep, Scarlet Rot, Blood Loss, and Death Blight) require the victim’s meter to fill before it affects them gradually in elden ring. Perticularly, madness build-up may not have existed if patch 1.03 had not cured Arcane scaling and made weapons like Rivers of Blood become overwhelming shocks.

For now, that is all on how to cure madness in Elden Ring.