How To DM On Twitter – Send Private Messages on X

how to dm on Twitter

Do you want to communicate privately with your favorite ones on X? On the platform, tweets, replies, and mentions are visible to everyone, but direct messages on Twitter are private, safe, and end-to-end encrypted. So, without further delay, let’s deep dive into how to DM on Twitter.

What is Twitter DMs?

Twitter DMs are direct messages – the social media platform’s inbox that lets X users communicate in private. The DM feature enables you to send messages to almost anyone, from your favorite celebrity to content creators.

However, almost all your X activity is public, including likes, replies, or mentions, but fortunately, your DMs are private. You can start direct conversations with anyone who allows you to receive messages from everyone.

Twitter private conversation is different from the DMs of Facebook or Instagram, which are associated with the messenger app. Direct messages on Twitter are equalizing to sending a traditional email.

How to DM on Twitter (X) via Desktop

You can easily send a direct message to anyone on X through your web browser on a PC or mobile device.

  • Visit the X website on your preferred web browser and log into your X account.
  • Select the Message option from the left-side navigation menu.
Select the Message option
  • Click on the New message button and search for people in the search box. Enter the X handle or name of the people you want to send a direct message. When you find the person name you are looking for click on it.
search users
  • If you want to send group messages, click in the search people box again and add new names to send the same message to everyone you selected.
  • Click on the next button in the upper-right corner when you have selected all the conversation participants.
  • Type the message in the start a new message box. You can also send media or GIFs along with text.
  • When you are done, click on the send button to send the DMs.
message on web
  • Tap on the horizontal three dots next to the person’s name to navigate the options to pin conversation, snooze conversation, report conversation, or delete conversation.
pin conversations

How to DM on Twitter (X) via Android or iOS App

Sending a direct message on Twitter is a straightforward process, regardless of whether you are using an Android or iOS device. Follow these steps to do it:

  • Open the X app either on Android or iOS devices and log in with your account credentials.
  • On the bottom right corner tap on the envelope icon to navigate the message option.
  • To start a new direct message on Twitter, either tap on the blue envelope icon or write a message button.
Tap on the blue envelope icon
  • Select the user or group you want to send a message from the list of suggested accounts or search for them using the search bar.
  • Type your message into the text field and hit the send button. Along with text, you can also send GIFs or media.
Hit the send button
  • To see your previous conversations, tap on the person or group name from your DMs list.
  • Tap on the user name for two seconds to navigate the further options, including pin conversation, delete conversation, snooze conversation, report @username, or report EU illegal content.

How to change Settings for Twitter DMs?

If you don’t want to receive messages from unknown X users, you can easily turn off this feature. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the X homepage and select More from the left sidebar navigation pane.
  • Click Settings and Privacy, then Privacy and Safety.
  • Under the X activity section, choose direct messages.
  • Twitter allows users to select message requests from No One, Verified users, or Everyone.
  • You can select Everyone if you want to receive messages from all the X users.
  • You can choose Verified users if you want to receive messages from verified users means the user is a member of Twitter Premium or X Premium.
  • You can select No One if you don’t want to receive messages from either verified or non-verified users or your X followers.
Note: If you turn off direct messages from X users, you may still get DMs from people you have interacted previously.


Q. How to send someone a direct message on Twitter who does not follow you?
Yes, if the person allows direct messages from everyone. You can search for their name, or Twitter handle to send a DM.

Q. Why can’t I DM someone on Twitter?
 Maybe you are not a verified user on the X platform. Only verified users can send DM requests to users who don’t follow them.

Q. Is there a short way to navigate Twitter DM settings?
In the messages section, there is a small gear Settings icon in the top-right corner to navigate DM settings directly from messages.

Wrap Up

In this article, we have shared the complete guidelines regarding how to DM on Twitter. X is much more than just trends and memes. Whether you have a personal or business account, sending and receiving direct messages is simple. So, start sending DMs to your friends, family, and even your favorite celebrities today!