A Closer Look at Twitter Premium and Its Exclusive Features

A Closer Look at Twitter Premium and Its Exclusive Features

Want to get Twitter Premium services but don’t know which one is perfect for you? Don’t worry; let’s read this article and decide which X premium tier is best for you and how much it costs.

In a social media era where platforms constantly try new ways to transform user experiences, Twitter’s rebranded as X is not about giving users extra utilities for free, and how does X make money. That’s why it launched an optional subscription service called Twitter X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue before Elon Musk rebranded Twitter.

What is Twitter Premium?

Twitter X Premium is a paid subscription service designed to provide exclusive features and enhance user experience on the platform. It gives additional functionalities to strengthen engagement and personalization, with three subscription tiers.

  • Basic: This subscription costs $3 monthly or $32 yearly, providing users access to limited features.
  • Premium: This was the first subscription plan made available, and it costs $8 monthly or $84 yearly. It has all the features that one might consider beneficial.
  • Premium Plus: This subscription costs $16 per month or $168 a year and gives some extra features that are not included in the Premium subscription.

X Basic: Enhance Your Experience on Twitter

X basic is the cheapest subscription tier, offering just enough features for pleasant participation. Below, we mention all the exclusive functionalities you get as a Twitter X basic subscriber.

  • Increase character limit from 280 to 25,000: With X basic, you can post long-form content with up to 25,000 characters. However, on Twitter, users only published 280-character posts. The increased limit is not only for tweets; it is also available in replies and quote posts.
  • Edit tweets up to five times within an hour after posting them: With this useful feature, you can change your post’s content, media, and mentions. It works for tweets and posts you quote.
  • Upload long-form Videos: X premium allows you to upload 1080p format videos that are two hours long, as long as they don’t surpass 8GB. However, you can only upload videos this long using Twitter on a desktop browser or the iOS mobile application. On Android, the 1080p video cannot exceed 10 minutes.
  • Create a community on X: You can create a community on Twitter and invite people with the same interests to join. As an admin, you have the power to decide if:
    • Who can join your group?
    • People need an invitation to be a member of your community
    • Members can invite individuals to the community.

Twitter Premium: Transform Your Experience with the First Twitter Subscription Service

On this X premium subscription plan, you will get all the features of Twitter Basic along with the following functionalities:

  • 50% fewer ads in your feed: There is a cutback in your ads that show in your timeline, i.e., For you and following pages. The X also reveals you double the number of organic tweets like non-promotional posts. However, this feature does not impact what you see in other corners of the website.
  • Most iconic Blue Tick mark and the control to hide it: You can apply for verification and obtain the blue tick mark if you meet all Twitter’s requirements. Also, you can hide the blue check mark from your account. Although it won’t show in your posts and profile page, it is still shown in other regions.
  • Become eligible to begin X subscriptions and get revenue from Ads: If you are a creator, you can start a subscription and offer exclusive content to your subscribers. Also, when you post tweets and replies, you receive revenue from the ads that show next to your content. Twitter uses organic views these ads get from users to calculate your share.
  • Use X Pro and Media Studio: TweetDeck, now known as X Pro, is only available for Twitter premium subscribers. It is an outstanding tool for power users, offering additional utilities on the platform. Similarly, you can use Media Studio, a strengthened management instrument for all media content.
  • Make your Identity by verifying your profile: You can now use Twitter to verify your profile to ensure other individuals don’t impersonate you. It will ask you to share your national identity card to confirm you are who you say you are.
  • X Premium will boost your reply visibility: Twitter prioritizes your reply on tweets and pushes them to the top of the reply chain.

Twitter Premium Plus: Get All the Functionalities with Ad-Free Experience

With the newly launched X Premium Plus, all the features from the previous subscriptions are also available, along with these extra utilities:

  • No ads on your timeline: Your timeline, including for you and the Following tabs, is free from ads. However, you will still see advertising content in the other parts of Twitter.
  • Early access to xAI Grok: With Twitter Premium Plus, you will get the ability to test the xAI Grok, which is the X’s generative artificial intelligence model.
  • Significant boost in reply visibility: Your reply on posts has greater visibility than any other subscription plan.

Final Words

Do you think is Twitter Premium worth it with all of these exclusive features? However, the basic tier is the cheapest version of X premium and provides a little bit more advanced functionalities. Either Premium or Premium+ is something you should try to transform your X experience completely.