How To Duet On YouTube Shorts With 6 Creative Ideas

how to duet on YouTube shorts

A number of people are making video shorts on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Well, do you know that you could also make duets on YouTube shorts? This blog guides you perfectly on how to duet on YouTube shorts.

About Duet on YouTube Shorts

In July 2021, YouTube introduced a duet feature for YouTube shorts, which is similar to Instagram and TikTok reels. The Duet feature offers edit tools to make your YouTube shorts more attractive and grab more viewers. Youtubers can add typographic patterns, music, filters, emojis, and many more with this feature in their YouTube shorts. With the help of YouTube shorts you can go viral on YouTube.

How to Duet on YouTube Shorts on iPhone and Android

Following these steps to duet on YouTube shorts guidance:

  • Open the YouTube app and Search out duets videos that you want to make your way.
  • Play the short that you selected, go to the bottom right side, and click on the remix option.
  • Here, click on the collab option, choose a particular short time, and adjust the video duration.
  • Once you adjust the timing, tap on the next tab.
  • Now, record your duet while you can clearly see the video that you selected.
  • After recording, tap on the tick option to add more editing to your duet.
  • Once you have edited your duet, tap on the next option.

Why Mostly People Prefer Duet On YouTube Shorts?

There are many advantages of duets on YouTube shorts few of them are given below:

  • Duets on YouTube shorts are accessible to reach your content, particularly when you select popular videos on the channel.
  • If you share your link on other social media platforms, it is certainly helpful to lead to your shorts with more reactions.
  • It is also very beneficial to show your creativity through your content with lots of enjoyment.
  • People can be famous through their creative ideas shared through video formats.

6 Creative Ideas for Duet on YouTube Shorts

Here are some of the creative ideas that can be applicable:

  1. Collaborate with other Creators: Record a video with the collaboration of a good content creator who has similar interests as you.
  2. Top Trending duets on YouTube: Trending duets might make you go viral because it is on trend while everyone wants to participate in this trend. YouTubers try these videos for competition to compete with those who are becoming famous.
  3. Recreated Dance Moves: Dance, along with a music track, also makes the content more appealing. There are a lot of fun with inventive ways to show your dance moves to your subscribers. 
  4. Educational content: YouTube shorts made it easier to share information and experiences with viewers and motivate them in their self-studies.
  5. Makeup tutorials: Recreate the make-up look of influencers and models to engage your viewers. It will help you to reach those viral artists who have plenty of subscribers, so you have a chance to connect with them.
  6. Remedies and DIYs:  On YouTube, millions of people love to watch beauty tips, home remedies, cooking videos, and DIYs. Try to recreate content on duets to make it reacher wider.
Note: Using hashtags with your duet is an effective way to engage followers. Hashtag is a way you can also get more reach.


Q. Can you record YouTube shorts with the help of a PC?
A. Unfortunately, you couldn’t record YouTube shorts on PC.

Q. How many YouTube short layouts?
A. Fortunately, there are a number of layouts, and creators can select their own choices.

Q. Does Duet have copyright restrictions on the music track that the creators selected?
A. Many free music tracks are certainly accessible.

Q. Is there a third-party app that makes a duet for YouTube shorts?
A. These are the third-party apps to make a duet for YouTube shorts;

  • Duettok – Duet Video Maker App.
  • ADV Screen Recorder.
  • ActionDirector – Video Editing. 8.9
  • LLO, My First Video Editor

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have shared how to duet on YouTube shorts like a pro to make your content more creative and appealing. Plus, Duets on YouTube shorts are a better way to reach a new audience, increase connections on YouTube, and collaborate with other viral YouTubers. However, while making duets on YouTube, it is necessary to follow YouTube community guidelines.