How to Get Verified on Twitter in 3 Easy Steps

How to get verified on Twitter

Ever desired to get a blue checkmark next to your Twitter name? Well, if you’re a business, creator, influencer, or a Twitter avid, you can get one! As of 2023, X has started up its new verification program. In this guide, we have shared complete details about how to get verified on Twitter. So, let’s dive in!

The Origin of Twitter Verification‍

In 2009, Twitter introduced a verification program to help users distinguish between real accounts and fake accounts. At first, the blue badge was only given to accounts of public figures, celebrities, and brands. However, over the years, this program expanded to include other accounts that were active, prominent, and legitimate.

In 2023, after the Elon Musk task, Twitter discontinued its legacy verification program and launched a new verification procedure. Under the new method, accounts that were verified under the previous norms will not keep the blue badge unless they get Twitter Blue, also known as Twitter Premium.

Previously, it was free to verify your Twitter account, but after the Elon Musk takeover, it is not free at all because his new owner aims to generate more money from Twitter. That’s how X makes money!

Eligibility Criteria for X Verification

Getting a Twitter Premium takes you one step closer to that blue checkmark. The next step is confirming that you meet the eligibility criteria for Twitter verification.

The following are the caliber your Twitter Premium account must meet to get verified on X.

  • Profile Completion: Ensure your profile has a display name and a display picture.
  • Active status: Keep your X account active in the past 30 days while subscribed to Twitter Premium.
  • Account security: Ensure that your account has a confirmed phone number.
  • No Tricks, No Deception: Your account must have no recent changes to your username (@handle), display picture, or name. Additionally, it must be transparent and not give off any misleading information.

Once the X verification team analyzes your Premium-subscribed account and sees it checks all these boxes, they may approve your X verification application. That blue tick mark may pop up next to your X’s name within no time.

How to Get Verified on Twitter X

Getting verified on X is an excellent way to signify trustworthiness and gain more followers. Below, we mentioned 3 easy steps to get verified on X.

1. Sign up for X Premium Subscription

To get verified on X, you need to be actively subscribed to Twitter Premium or Twitter Premium Plus. These plans are a paid subscription service offering exclusive features and a blue checkmark. To sign up for Twitter Premium, click on the button to subscribe to Twitter Premium once you are logged in.

2. Make your Payment

Once you click on the subscribe button, you will be prompted to enter your payment details. You can choose which plans you want to be a part of: Twitter Premium or Twitter Premium Plus. After selecting your desired subscription plan, choose between how you will be able to pay monthly or annually. However, the monthly payment plan costs $8 for X premium or $16 for X premium+. But if you prefer to pay annually, it saves 12%, and the price of X Premium is $84 or X Premium+ is $168 annually.

3. Give it some time for Verification

After you subscribe to Twitter Premium Subscription, you need to wait for X to review your account to decide if you are eligible for verification. Don’t worry; this process can take a little bit of time. Before you get Twitter Blue and any Twitter Premium Plus, make sure to verify your phone number. This step is crucial because X uses your phone number to verify your identity and prevent fake accounts.

3 Types of Twitter Verification

You will observe two other checkmarks on X: gold and grey. These are different than the ordinary verification you get as a member of Twitter Premium.

A gold badge and square profile picture mean that an account symbolizes an organization that is a member of X verified organization subscription. These organizations can be corporations, non-profits, media networks, or similar. Getting your organization verified on Twitter costs about $1000 monthly or $10,000 annually.

Unlike grey, the checkmark is for government and multilateral organizations or their officials. The government and multilateral accounts can get grey badges via verified organizations.

Why Your Twitter Verification Status is Vanished

X verification is not permanent; you can lose it for multiple reasons. These include:

  • Changing your account display name, username, or profile picture. Your account will need to be verified again if you make these changes.
  • Breaking X’s community rules around spam, sharing private details, abuse, or others.
  • Any other reason the X has to suspect that you are not acting in good constancy.

Of course, if you change your decision and cancel X premium, you will also lose your authentic tick mark. However, you can also hide your Twitter checkmark while staying subscribed.

So, is Twitter Premium worth it to Get Verified?

Whether or not Twitter Premium is worth it for you will depend on your requirements and preferences. If you are a public figure, brand, or organization looking to build credibility and want to reach a wider audience on X, the blue badge may be worth the investment. However, if you are just an ordinary user who does not care about Twitter verification, you may not see much worth in paying for the service.

Final Words

In this article, we have shared the complete guide on how to get verified on Twitter. You can easily get verified on Twitter after getting Twitter Premium. However, complete all the requirements before applying for verification on X.