How to leave Pokemon at Gym

how to leave Pokemon at gym

Ready to strengthen your presence in Pokémon GO gyms? This guide will walk you through the process of assigning your powerful Pokémon to defend gyms, bolstering your team’s control, and earning valuable rewards. Get ready to showcase your top fighters and dominate the gym scene! And if you want to learn more features, click on How to Get More Pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

Why Should You Leave a Pokemon in Gyms?

It is the only reliable way to earn PokeCoins without spending real money on them by leaving Pokemon behind at a gym. The competition for control of Gyms is the single biggest motivator for all players. Here are the reasons why leaving a Pokemon in gyms in Pokemon GO can be beneficial:

  • Defending Gym Prestige

When you leave a Pokémon at a gym, it becomes a defender for your team. The longer your Pokémon remains in the gym, the higher the gym’s prestige becomes for your team.

  • Earning PokeCoins

By having Pokémon defend gyms, you can earn PokeCoins, the in-game currency. The longer your Pokémon stays in a gym, the more PokeCoins you can collect when they are eventually defeated and return to you.

  • Gym Badges and Rewards

Leaving Pokémon in gyms allows you to earn Gym Badges, which provide additional rewards and perks. The more you interact with a gym, the higher your gym Badge level becomes. It unlocks various bonuses like extra items and increased chances of receiving Raid Battle rewards.

  • Team Control and Prestige

Leaving strong Pokémon in gyms helps your team maintain control over them. Gyms under your team’s control can provide additional benefits, such as increased item rewards when spinning the Gym PokéStop.

  • Collaboration and Team Spirit

Leaving Pokémon in gyms encourages collaboration and team spirit among fellow teammates. It allows you to support your team’s efforts in controlling gyms and collectively work towards maintaining dominance in your area.

Quick Way to Leave Pokemon at Gym

Quick Way to Leave Pokemon at Gym

If your team already occupies the gym and all slots are filled, you’ll need to defeat one or more defending Pokémon to open up a slot before you can leave your Pokémon. Here are the steps to leave a Pokémon at a gym in Pokémon Go, follow these steps:

  • Find a Pokemon gym (A tall tower) by opening the Pokemon app and checking the map.
  • Once you have found a gym, move closer to it until you make a good range. You need to be within approximately 80 meters to interact with it.
  • Tap on the gym to open its current information on the screen, like Which team controls it and how many Pokemon are defending it.
  • If your team controls the gym and has an open slot for a Pokémon, you can add your Pokémon to defend it.
  • Tap on the “+” icon or the empty slot to select the Pokémon you want to leave at the gym.
Select the Pokémon you want to leave at the gym
  • From your Pokémon collection, select the Pokémon you wish to place at the gym. (You can scroll through your Pokémon to find the one you want, and you may also consider its strength).
  • After selecting your Pokémon, confirm your choice by tapping on the “Assign” or “Confirm” button. Your Pokémon will be placed in the gym to defend it.


Q1: How Many Pokemon Can I Leave at Once?

In the Pokemon series, players can leave only 1 and not more than 6 Pokemon at a time at a location. However, there is an exception to this rule known as “party sharing.” Party sharing is a feature that is available in some of the later Pokemon games that allow players to leave more than one Pokemon at a time.

In games that have party sharing, players can leave up to six Pokemon at a time, which is the maximum size of a Pokemon party. This feature is especially useful in cases where players want to train several Pokemon at a time or protect a specific location, such as a gym.

Q2: How to Find Gyms in Pokemon Go?

Go to the Pokemon Official web

Using POGO Map

An Old Trick Way

Q3: What are the benefits of leaving the gym for Pokemon?

When Pokemon leaves the gym, it will return to your collection, bringing PokeCoins. You will only receive PokeCoins after your Pokemon returns from the gym, and you will receive an in-game notification with the amount of PokeCoins earned.

Q4: How many Pokemon can be in a gym?

There are different teams in Pokemon, and each team is able to assign up to 6 Pokemon at a time to go to the gym. When a player takes down a gym, the gym’s prestige is lowered. If the gym’s prestige reaches zero, then the gym is unclaimed and can be claimed by any player.

Q5: Who assigns Pokemon to go to the gym?

Gyms are led by powerful trainers called Gym leaders, and they are the ones who assign a Pokemon to the gym to battle against challengers who aim to earn a gym, Badge. So, you need the teammates that help in filling up the gym.

Q6: What energy is required to leave Pokemon at the gym?

The amount of energy required to leave the gym is called a prestige point. Then battle against the gym’s current defenders to lower the gym’s prestige. Once the prestige drops to a certain level, the gym loses a level, and one of the defenders is kicked out, leaving a spot for the attacking player to place a Pokemon. Therefore, the energy is required to leave a Pokemon, and it requires a certain level of skill and strategic thinking to successfully battle the gym and lower its prestige to the desired level.

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