How to Make Money on Instagram Reels: 7 Proven Ways

how to make money on Instagram reels

Do you know how to make money on Instagram reels? If your response is no, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we have shared 7 amazing ways to earn money through Instagram reels.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing app that allows you to share content with friends and followers. However, Instagram reels are a feature that enables users to create 15-second videos and share them with their followers. The Instagram video reels can be edited and enhanced with selective music, text overlays, and special effects, making them appealing and enjoyable for viewers.

Since its launch in 2020, it has become widely popular worldwide, with many users finding ways to monetize their accounts and make Money on Instagram reels.

Eligibility to Make Money on Instagram Reels

Before you can make Money via Instagram reels, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. Instagram sets this benchmark and includes the following:

  • You must have a creator or business account with at least 10,000 followers.
  • You should be 18 years old to apply monetization on Instagram.
  • Moreover, you must agree to Instagram’s partner monetization and content guidelines.
  • To start monetizing and receiving payments, you must link your bank or PayPal accounts to your creator accounts and complete a KYC verification process.

7 Proven Ways to Make Money on Instagram Reels

7 ways to make money on Instagram reels

With a huge number of followers and strong engagement, you can make hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on Instagram. It takes some time and effort to earn Money from Instagram. Whether your aim is a side gig for earning extra income or a full-time income generator, these 7 ways help you to generate cash from Instagram.

1. Make Money on Instagram Reels via Sponsored Content

Collaborating with brands is one of the best ways for mini influencers to make money on Instagram reels. Creators can help get a brand’s products and services in front of more audience. And brands are not especially looking for creators with millions of followers. Those with limited budgets may prefer to collaborate with mini influencers with strong engagement and lower fees.

Most of these offers are negotiable and can set out from a single post to multiple posts, reels, or stories displaying the brand’s offerings. In the swap, you receive free products or services, gifts, disclosure to the brand’s followers, or cash.

2. Doing Affiliate Marketing and Make Money on Instagram Reels

Affiliates make a commission on sales resulting from product promotion in posts, reels, or stories. So, instead of being paid to develop brand awareness as you do with sponsored content, you earn money when your followers use promo codes or click your referral link to buy the products and services you promote. In the swap, the brand pays you a commission as a percentage or fixed rate per sale.

3. Earn Money on Instagram through Badges   

You can generate Money with Instagram badges if you have at least 10,000 followers and a creator or business account. Badges let your followers show their love and support for you during live videos. Once you get badges with your Instagram profile, they will automatically be available during live videos. When your viewers purchase badges, you will see hearts beside their usernames.    

4. How to Make Money on Instagram Reels through Instagram Ads

On March 09, 2023, Instagram ended its reel play bonus, and Meta (parent company of Instagram and Facebook) announced that it is increasing ads on reels. That is a performance-based monetization program available on Instagram and Facebook.

As stated in the announcement, with performance-based monetization, creators can focus on the content interests of their audience and help them grow. Advertisers get access to more ad directories to reach more people. And the audience gets a more compatible viewing experience with more to-the-point ads.

The money you make is based on the number of plays your reels get (not by how much ad revenue you bring in), so how many numbers you get on your reels and the more money you make. However, Meta is still testing the program, so it is only available for a selected group of people. You will need an invitation from Instagram to be included in the test group.

5. Selling your Physical Products or Digital Services

Nowadays, social media is the best place to showcase your brand products or services to get organic sales to your business. If you have any products to sell, you can record content with your product and increase sales. If you don’t have any products to sell, you can go ahead and sell your digital services on Instagram, as it is one of the best spots where people search for talent.

6. Drive the Traffic to Your Website/ Youtube Channel 

As Instagram is a popular platform with over 2 billion monthly active users, you can boost your Instagram reels and get more reach to your account. With the help of reels, you can easily drive traffic to your website or YouTube channel to monetize them.

7. Make Money with an Instagram Subscription

Instagram recently offered creators the opportunity to earn money via paid subscriptions. This subscription works similarly to other social media platforms. In short, subscribers pay a monthly fee to access unique Instagram content, including posts, reels, live videos, chats, and more from their favorite creators.

 Subscriptions are an excellent way to monetize because they gather frequent monthly revenue. In simple words, they are a proper, reliable source of income, which is difficult to come by in the creator world.


Q. How do I monetize my Instagram reels?
You can monetize your Instagram reels through these methods. Sell or promote products and services, doing affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, Instagram ads, and badges.

Q. Does Instagram pay you for views?
Unfortunately, after the reel play bonus program is ended Instagram does not directly pay for views. However, you can earn through other ways.

Final Words

As you can see in this article, we have shared the 7 proven ways to make Money on Instagram reels. Several content creators will use these techniques to boost their income as creators and flourish in their influencing success.