How Can You Boost Reels On Instagram?

Reels On Instagram
Reels On Instagram

Instagram during the pandemic, I came up with an exciting addition to Instagram. Instagram Reels, which started as a competitive mode for creating short-duration media, today has become increasingly popular and has one of the fastest ways to expand your reach on Instagram Reels compared to other social media platforms. 

As a business, Instagram has a diverse potential for you to expand your business and tell your story to new people, and this also allows you to welcome new audiences and grow your Reach in Different Horizons. If you have a business, you have yet to start creating Reels and are missing out on many things and potentials for expanding your business. Start creating Instagram Reels and learn how to boost your Instagram reels views. 

Why Should Businesses Boost Instagram Reels? 

Arguably, there are a few but plenty of reasons why one should consider boosting your Instagram reels. Reels have grown more popular in a short period of time. They have a fair potential to reach a much larger audience and help you get more engagement. Here are a few of the ways why you should consider boosting Instagram Reels. 

  • Instagram Reels help create Brand Awareness, allowing you to reach people interested to know more about your services and products. 
  • With Boosting your Instagram reels, you get an opportunity to increase your engagement. When you boost your post, this helps you to get more likes, comments, and even potential new followers. 
  • With Boosting your Instagram reels, you get an opportunity to add more traffic to your website, add links to your business and products, and contribute to sales and leads. 
  • Boosting Instagram reels allows you to reach a new audience; when you use various boost features, you add location, interest, and the type of audience you seek. 

There are many benefits to boosting your Instagram reels. There are both paid and unpaid ways to boost your Instagram. 

How to boost Instagram Reels?

Instagram Boost Feature: 

Instagram has an Inbuilt feature that allows you to boost your Instagram reels on the platforms. In this, your reel, and turn it into an ad, which helps you reach more and more people. With Instagram Boost and Ad, you get to set what you desire most, whether you want more profile visits, messages, or website visits. Here you can add product tags and drive engagement. 

Before you start Boosting your Instagram Reel, with Instagram Boost Feature, there are certain things you should know before you begin boosting your Instagram reels. 

  • Your video should be one min at maximum. 
  • It should have an aspect ratio of 9:16. 
  • Reels should not contain any copywriter gifs, music, or stickers a third party provides. 
  • If you have shared the revolution on Facebook, it cannot be eligible to be boosted. 

Here’s how you can boost your Instagram Reels with a few steps. 

  • Go to your Instagram Account and log in to your profile. 
  • Select the reel that you like. 
  • Below the Post, you will see an option that states Boost. 
  • Now, in the next step, you will be required to fill in the necessary details, which allow you to set your goals, including the choice of audience, budget, what results you expect from the feature, duration, and much more. 
  • After you have submitted the goals and added the remaining details, to complete the Boost, Tap Boost Reel under Review your ad. 
  • After posting reel, go to this link to get some free views which will help you to get initial boost.

After this, you will need to wait for some time for Instagram to review your request and check whether the reel you have sent under review complies with all the criteria mentioned above and fits the ad criteria of Instagram. After the Instagram reels are approved, you will be notified through notification. This is a paid way of boosting Instagram Reels quickly. There are many unpaid ways as well that you can use to promote your Instagram reels. 

Create content That tells your story: 

Reels are a great way to dictate your story, which many might need to know. They are also a great medium to promote your products. If you still need clarification about what your audience likes, then there are plenty of ways that you can use to know about the likes of your audience. Remember, your main goal should be promoting your products and services while being creative. You can also use Instagram insights to get information about your audience and engagement. Instagram insights are only available when you have a professional or a business account. 

Use Trending Audios: 

Instagram Audios are a great feature to reach more audiences and promote your business. You can try the popular audio and trends with your products. When you make such kind of reels, product placement becomes an important part of business, as your main goal is to expand your reach and get more views on products. You can use these trending audios and trends and give them your own little twist and create unique content. The benefit of using Trending Audio is that your videos are visible on the audio page, which helps in making your video reach more people. 

Use hashtags: 

Hashtags are another essential feature that allows you to promote your videos. Adding hashtags has many advantages, as it helps the algorithm locate your videos and their potential audience. When you add Hashtags to your reels, ensure you do not overload your hashtags and add as many of them as relevant. One has to be as selective as possible when adding captions. Please find all the relevant hashtags in your niche relevant to your posts and add a minimum of 10 to 12 of them. 


Instagram is a social media platform, that means the progress of your Instagram success depends upon the number of people you reach or engage with. Instagram reels are an excellent way for you to expand your reach. Here, we have mentioned a few of how you can boost your Instagram Reels.