How to Make Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft?

potion of water breathing
potion of water breathing

How to make a water breathing potion in Minecraft? If you have ever been underwater long enough in Minecraft, you may want there was a method to prevent constantly resurfacing for air. Unfortunately, even the respiration III enchantment leaves some room for desire. Luckily, there is a potion effect that enables you to breathe underwater.

The water breathing potion provides you to stay underwater without a breath meter for 3/8 minutes. This guide will show you the required substances for water breathing potion, how to make it, as well as how to use it.

how to make water breathing potion
how to make water breathing potion

Required Materials for Water Breathing Potion 

  1. 3 Water Bottles
  2. Pufferfish
  3. Blaze Powder
  4. Brewing Stand
  5. Nether Wart

To make a potion of water breathing, you will require water bottles which you can make from glass. Dig up some sand and smelt it on your stove to make glass. You will require three pieces of glass to make three glass bottles. To fill these bottles with water, hold them in your hand and right-hit any water source.

Pufferfish can be found from fishing in any lake or ocean. This has to be the pufferfish you see from fishing, not the bucket of pufferfish that you can obtain with a bucket and catching the pufferfish.

Blaze powder is required to fuel your brewing stand. The brewing stand will not brew potions without ammunition. Therefore, to brew potions, you will need a brewing stand. This part is tricky because you have to find an ablaze to get the blaze rod you require.

Finally, you will need a nether wart. The nether wart can be grown in the overworld, but you require to find the nether wart first. They spawn directly in nether fortresses where you can also see the blaze.

How to Make Water Breathing Potion

First, fish up the main ingredient for water breathing potions. If you have fished before, you probably have pufferfish, and it does not take that long to find them.

Recognize to place some sand in a furnace to make glass bottles. Every three pieces of glass will make three glass bottles.

Now that you have your sand cooking and your pufferfish caught, you will need to travel to the nether to get blaze rods, blaze powder, and nether wart. Then, make a nether portal and start tracking down your fortress.

Once you have got a fortress look around for blazes or a blaze spawner.

Kill some blaze opponents until you have a few blaze rods. Then, move around your fortress until you come across a room with red fungus and a staircase.

Harvest any nether wart and head back to the surface. Now you have each ingredient to make a potion of swiftness. Start by making a brewing stand by combining three cobblestone and ablaze rod pieces in a crafting table.

Find your glass out of the furnace and turn them into glass bottles. Put them in a “V” shape in the crafting menu of a crafting table to make glass bottles. While you are here, get some sugar out of sugarcane by placing sugarcane in your crafting menu.

With your glass bottles, right-click on any water source to fill them up with water. Place your brewing stand and right-click on the stand to open its UI. Choose the bottom three slots with your water bottles. You will require to put blaze powder in the top left slot to fuel your brewing stand. Turn some blaze rods into blaze powder and set them into your brewing stand.

To make potions of water breathing, you will require to brew awkward potions first. Place a nether wart in the ingredient slot of your brewing stand and wait for it to complete cooking.

This will utilize your water bottles into awkward potions. Now all that is left is to place your pufferfish into the ingredient slot and wait for it to complete brewing. It will take about twenty seconds. That’s all you require to make water breathing potions!

water breathing potion minecraft
water breathing potion minecraft

How to Use Water Breathing Potion

Water breathing potions will enable you to stay underwater for 3 minutes. However, if you need it to last longer, you can place Redstone above the water breathing potions in a brewing stand to make it last for 8 minutes. Then, once you have drunk your potion, you can stay underwater without fear of your breath meter depleting.

If you want to tackle an underwater temple reliably, you will wish to water breathing potions. As it is entirely flooded and you will have mining fatigue until you kill the older guardians of the temple, you will want to prevent having to resurface every few minutes.

If you plan on doing any terraforming or base building underwater, you will need to have a water breathing potion on hand to make your life much easier. However, water breathing does not remove the necessity of having aqua affinity on your helmet and having respiration on your helmet as well.

In a Nutshell

Water breathing potions can make life much more comfortable if you are trying to venture anywhere underwater. They are needed for tackling underwater temples and terraforming/building underwater. You can craft them quickly once you have a brewing stand; make sure to add some Redstone to them if you want them to last for 8 minutes.


What potion lets you see underwater?

Potions of Water Breathing: Added in Java Edition 1.7. 2, Potions of Water Breathing can give you either 3 or 8 minutes, during which your oxygen bar won’t decrease. It also slightly increases visibility underwater. To brew them, you’ll require to catch some Pufferfish.

Is a Turtle Shell more efficient than a Water Breathing Potion?

Turtle shell helmets will grant you the water breathing effect, but they will not last nearly as long as a water breathing potion. Without enchantments, the turtle shell does not compare properly to the water breathing potion. A combination of both would be best if you need to maximize the amount of time you can spend underwater.

Can you grow Nether Wart in the overworld?

You can plant nether wart in soul sand that you put in the overworld. Like most mushrooms in Minecraft, you will need to keep your nether wart somewhere dark. ( Dark enough to help support nether wart growth but bright enough to keep mobs away.


Congratulations, you now know how to craft a helpful potion for underwater exploration. Getting all the necessary ingredients can be tricky the first time around, but it is worth it to benefit potions. A lot of the environments in Minecraft are very hostile and can simply be mitigated with the right potion.