How To Remove Followers On Twitter (X) With 3 Easy Methods

how to remove followers on Twitter

Want to remove unwanted, inactive, or fake accounts from your list of Twitter followers? Removing this follower feature is a great way to take full control over who follows you. Read and learn how to remove followers on Twitter and prevent them from following you again.

Why Should You Need to Remove Followers

Removal is a good way to get rid of inactive accounts. However, people need to clear their follower lists by deleting abusive and fake accounts. Some People want to clean up their Twitter profiles or remove certain users from viewing their posts.

 Remember that if your account is public and not protected, removed followers can still see your posts, but not in their normal feed. If you do any promotion on Twitter, you will get all kinds of followers from a specific niche and country.

How to Remove Followers on Twitter via Desktop

If you want to remove a follower on X, you can use Twitter’s Remove This Follower feature. This feature was first introduced in September 2021. As of April 2024, this feature is only available to web users. In simple terms, you will need a mobile or desktop browser to use this feature.

Here are two methods to use this utility to remove specific followers:

  • Visit the X website and log in with your account credentials.
  • Navigate and click on the Profile section from the left side menu bar.
  • On the profile page, left-click on the follower count. You will see this figure below your account bio.
  • There are three sections- Verified followers, Followers, and Following. Select verified followers or followers depending on who you want to delete from your followers list.
  • Find the follower you want to remove and left-click on the three-dot button next to the user name.
  • Click on  Remove this Follower option from the menu.
  • Then, X will ask you to complete your action by clicking the Remove button to remove this follower from your list.
Note: When you remove followers on Twitter, they may still be able to view your posts and DM you, depending on your settings. If they want to see your posts on their timeline, they will have to follow you again.

How to Remove Followers on X Directly From the Search Bar

You can easily delete the followers from your account by using the search bar.

  • In the X search bar, enter the username of the account you want to remove from your list of followers.
  • Hit the Enter button to see the search results.
  • Find the specific follower from the results page and open their profile.
  • There is a horizontal ellipsis button under the user’s banner image. Left-click on the ellipsis button and select the Remove this Follower option.

How to Soft Block Followers on Twitter via Mobile Device

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on the X iOS and Android applications. But you can get it done through a soft block method on the X app. In simple terms, soft blocking consists of blocking a user and quickly unblocking them so they are unfollowing you automatically. Follow these steps to remove followers on Twitter:

  • Go to the X app and log in to your account with your X credentials.
  • In the upper left corner, click on the profile icon and select followers to see a list.
  • Scroll the list and find the username of the unwanted follower. You will automatically redirected to the profile of the user.
  • Click on the ellipsis (three-dot button) on the top right corner of the page.
  • Choose the block option from the menu. A pop-up message will display and ask you to confirm your action.
  • Hit the block button to confirm. You will get a notification that you have blocked this user.
  • Tap on the ellipsis icon again and click on Unblock from the menu.

How to Protect Your Tweets

If you remove followers on Twitter, there is nothing to stop them from following you again. But if you protect your tweets, you need to approve every new follow request. Follow these below-mentioned steps to protect your posts:

  • If you are using the web version of Twitter, choose the More button on the sidebar menu. If you are on an Android or iOS app, skip to the next step.
  • Click on Settings and Privacy and navigate and open the Privacy and Safety option.
  • Open the Audience and tagging section and turn on the Protect Your Posts feature. On the web version, select the box next to Protect your posts and then confirm by hitting the Protect button.

This feature makes your Twitter account private and requires that you manually approve every future follower before they can view your tweets.


Q. How to remove followers on Twitter with a hard block?
In the hard block method, block the user and never unblock them to prevent viewing your post to direct message you.

Q. How do I remove following on Twitter?
Go to your profile page, click on the following option, and next to the user name, tap on following to unfollow the user.

Q. Why can’t I remove followers on Twitter?
Because removing this follower feature is only available on the web, maybe you are trying to remove followers from the X application.

Q. How to remove followers on X all at once?
Unfortunately, You can’t able to remove followers all at once; you will need to delete every unwanted follower manually.

Q. When you remove followers on Twitter, are they notified?
No, if you remove a user from your follower list, they can not be notified by Twitter.

Final Verdict

If you want to delete a follower from your X account, you can do so with these helpful guides on how to remove followers on Twitter. You must be on the Twitter web to remove this follower feature. However, if you are using a mobile device, you can soft-block the account, which will provide the same results.