How to scan a QR code on iPhone – 5 Amazing Tricks

how to scan a qr code on iphone
how to scan a qr code on iphone

iOS devices have many features to ease your life, like Quick Response. It makes you feel relaxed if your iPhone or iPad makes your life easy, especially when you go somewhere. As we all know that QR code is a barcode made up of square-shaped pixels. However, what to do when you don’t know how to scan a QR code on your iPhone?

It is an easy task to scan it on iOS devices. You can scan it through a camera or Google lens, and, of course, a few more ways as well. Because QR code scanning is not as popular as people think. It is definitely going to be time-consuming to get rife among people. Nonetheless, it is gaining popularity among ordinary people. Specific shops, brands, websites, and locations use coupon codes to communicate or store information about the product.

Apple has launched a built-in QR code reader in its Camera in its iOS, and it is pretty simple to scan on iPhone or iPad. As we have described, that iOS device has this feature. As technology is unpredictable, sometimes it makes it complex to use any app or feel tense about how to recover that problem or access the feature in gadgets. So no need to tense; in this article, you will learn first about the introduction and the necessity of QR codes in the following section. Secondly, learn about the different methods of scanning QR codes on iPhone or iPad in the subsequent section.

What is a QR code?

QR stands for “Quick Response.” It is a barcode that seems like the dots (pixels) in a square shape; it scans through digital devices, carrying information. QR code is readable through top to bottom or left to right ways. It can store through punctuation, 4000 characters, or 7000 numbers also. The arrangement of codes depends on the saved information in it. There are two types of code: Static and dynamic. In static, the code can’t change, again and again; it is ideal once it is created, while in dynamic, you can change the pattern on your needs. QR is not hacked, but hackers can generate evil code that sends you fake websites to steal your data or information. So try to verify the origin of the QR code first. Otherwise, you may be in danger.

Why is QR used in iOS?

QR code is the interaction between marketers and customers; it makes life easy and fast. Although QR code is old technology but more beneficial for the interaction of marketer and customer, it is used to scan the products information and quickly transfer the information to the user’s device. Basically, marketers use it for magazines, web pages, and other marketing material. Undoubtedly, it is common in every smartphone to have built-in QR readers. Scanning QR features in iOS make it more reliable and exciting to ease your lifestyle. It saves your time while shopping, dining, or ordering the product as it stores the relevant information about that place or product. Just scan the product’s QR code, and you are full of data about it like deals or descriptions.

Enable QR Code on iPhone or iPad

Every iOS has the feature to use a QR code from its native Camera. But it might be possible that it is not enabled—so there is no need to worry as it is easy to enable with a few steps.

  1. Open the Settings from your screen.
  2. Move down the screen and tap on “Camera.”
  3. In Search for Scan QR codes, switch the button to enable the Camera to scan QR codes.

Scan a QR code in iOS with different ways

how to scan a qr code picture on iphone
how to scan a qr code picture on iphone

There are some easy and quick steps to scan a QR code in different ways in iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  • Camera
  • Control Center
  • Chrome
  • Google Lens
  • Wallet App

Via Camera on iPhone

Through a native camera, scan a QR code on iOS with the following steps.

  1. Open the Camera in your iOS.
  2. Place it at a QR code to scan.
  3. At the top of the screen, press the Notification banner.
  4. Press on the banner to stop the process if the QR code carries valuable data like contacts and email addresses.
  5. To reveal more information, pull down the banner before tapping on it.

Control Center Scan a QR code

Another way to scan a code is the control center. It is the most convenient way to scan than through a Camera every time. But you have to access the control center first if it is not enabled; see the following steps.

1.                  In your iPhone, go to Settings.

2.                   Press on Control Center.

3.                   Click on the “Customize Controls” option.

4.                   Tap “+” next to the QR code in the More Controls tab.

  1. On the Control Center of the iPhone, use the beside the hamburger icon to scan any location.

Scan a QR code in iPhone Via Control Center

  1. In the Control Center, tap the “QR code reader” icon.
  2. To scan, place the QR code near the Camera.

Note: iPhone can scan the Q code even if it is blurred or damaged in a few seconds using a flashlight.

Scan a QR code Via Chrome

Chrome has a feature to scan QR codes also. Let’s see the method to access the QR code.

  1. Ensure to update the Chrome in iPhone if installed; otherwise, install it from the app store.
  2. Click the 3D touch on the Google Chrome icon on the home screen.
  3. In the shortcut menu, tap the appearing Scan QR Code option.
  4. To access the Camera, open the app. Click on “OK” to scan a code in the popup menu.

Note: 3D touch does not access devices, so swipe down from the top of the Home Screen to access Spotlight. In the search field, type a QR code. Google will give the option of scanning a QR code and pressing the app icon.

Google Lens Scan a QR code on iPhone or iPad

You can scan QR codes through Google lens also. Follow the below steps to apply.

  1. Install the Google Photos and access your Camera roll.
  2. From Google Photos, open the image showing the QR code.
  3. Click the “Google Lens” icon in the Camera.
  4. To see the notification banner, click the three dots with the QR code on the screen.
  5. For further action, click on the link to view.

Scan a QR code in the iOS Via Wallet app

The wallet app is the quick way to scan QR codes and is most accessible for customers. Similarly, scanning QR code through the wallet app is the easiest method.

  1. Open the Wallet app, and at the top of the passes, section à tap the “+” button.
  2. To Add a Pass → , press “Scan Code.”
  3. Now, you can scan QR codes for tickets, coupons, and loyalty cards.


Hopefully, the above knowledge related to scanning a QR code in different ways is fruitful for you and easy to access without a doubt. At the present time, you don’t need to always surf the internet about the goods or locations for the product’s description. Especially when you are hanging out, just scan the barcode in the face of the QR code and get the info on your iPhone.