How to See Deleted Tweets – 6 Effective Methods

how to see deleted tweets

Have you ever been curious to see deleted tweets of your own or others? If so, you are at the right place. In this article, we will walk through a comprehensive guide on how to see deleted tweets with six effective methods to find the erased posts easily that you are looking for.

Why People Want to Find Deleted Tweets?

There are a lot of reasons why people look for deleted tweets. Often, people try to make conversations more interesting based on a deleted tweet from a public figure. However, some people deleted all tweets from their accounts as fun and regret it after losing all their memories.

Perhaps they are trying to research a certain topic and want to discover all the posts related to that subject, as well as the ones that are controversial and gain more public attention and were deleted after some time.

How to See Deleted Tweets – 6 Effective Methods

Whatever the reason why you are looking for deleted tweets from your Twitter account or someone else, there are 6 effective ways to do so. You can use the advanced search option, explore X archives, search on a web browser, or utilize third-party apps and websites. With little effort and the right guide, you should be able to find and view the deleted tweets easily that you are looking for.

1. How to Use Twitter Advance Search Feature to See Deleted Tweets

Twitter’s advanced search is an outstanding feature that effortlessly finds deleted tweets. This tool will enable you to find a deleted post with keywords, specific words, exact phrases, or any search term to sniff out.

Here are the simple steps to find deleted tweets via Twitter’s advanced search tool:

  • Go to the X website on mobile or desktop and log in with your X account credentials.
  • Click on the search bar at the top right corner of the page.
  • It will open up the search results section with the search filter options.
  • Under the search filter options, you can see the advanced search tool by clicking on it.
  • Enter your keywords, related phrases, and username under this section; avoid entering the @ symbol while typing the username.
advanced search account
  • Under the Dates section, select the date to find your desired results.
advanced search date option
  • Click on Search from the upper right corner of the screen and wait for the system to show all the tweets from your selected period.

2. Request Your Twitter Archive to See Deleted Tweets

Your X account is enough for most cases to find deleted tweets. You can search in your Twitter archive. It is the most effective way to see your deleted tweets from your account.

Follow these steps to get your Twitter archive for finding your deleted tweets:

  • Go to the X homepage, and on the left sidebar, click on the More button, then tap on Settings and Privacy.
  • For security purposes, verify your identity by entering your password and code that comes to your registered email. On the next page, you will see an option Request archive. It may take about 24 hours for X to contact you with your account’s archive.
request archive
  • You can download your X archive data from the email that X will send you, or you can go back to the Twitter archive section and click on the Download archive button.
download archive
  • Extract and open the ZIP file in your web browser, and you will see an X window. Using the new search section, you can able to search your past deleted tweets by dates.

3. How to see Deleted Tweets via Internet Archive


The Wayback Machine, aka Internet Archive, is a website that has archives of 860 billion web pages, so the chances the post you are looking for is available on this site.

  • Go to the Wayback Machine website. Either you are looking for your own deleted tweets or someone else. You can copy and paste your targeted Twitter profile URL and press enter to search.
  • A calendar view will show if the Wayback Machine has archived the URL you are looking for—the dates when the website was snapshots are in blue.
  • Select the date that was after the post was published but before it was deleted.
  • Hover over the date, and they will usually show multiple timestamps.
  • Once you have clicked the timestamp, the Wayback Machine will load the X page you searched for at the selected date and time. If the post had not yet since deleted when the page was archived, you would find it here.
Note: If nothing comes up when you search for the URL, it means that the profile is not archived in the Wayback Machine, and you can’t able to see deleted tweets with this method.

4. How to Find Deleted Tweets Via Google Cache

Google Cache allows you to search for deleted tweets from X accounts. Google automatically carries a backup of your posts on its server. This backup holds screenshots of tweets stored as cached versions. Follow these steps to backup to find deleted posts.

  • Go to the Google web browser, click on the search tab, and enter Twitter with your or someone else username, which tweets you want to find.
  • The search results will show an index of cleared tweets.
  • Tap on the arrow at the end of the URL. It will show other options related to this link.
  • Select Cached from the provided options. It will redirect you to the Google Cached version of posts. The time and date are also present at the top of the content.
  • If you find the post you are looking for, take a screenshot.

You may not find the Google cache version for X account if it does not exist. Usually, most deleted posts are available on Google, depending on the last cached date.

5. How to Find Deleted Tweets From Public Figures By Search Engines


The internet has made it possible to keep an eye on the lives of public figures, politicians, celebrities, musicians,  creators, influencers, players, journalists, and many others who have gotten eagled-eyed on all their affairs. With this method, it has become effortless to discover sensitive content on Twitter, which people post and delete after some time.

You can search for screenshots through Google, Bing, or any other search engine that allows you to navigate images. Go to your preferred web browser and enter the user’s X handle and some related keywords from the deleted posts to see if anything pops up.

6. Use TwipU Third-Party Website to Find Deleted Tweets


TwipU is a free website that helps you see your deleted tweets. The site interface looks like an X-lite version.

Follow these steps to find deleted tweets via TwipU:

  • Go to your preferred web browser and search for TwipU.
  • Open the TwipU official site and enter the user’s X handle you want to search.
  • TwipU will then search that account’s tweets and make a list of any deleted tweets. This list will be filtered by date so you can effortlessly see which posts were deleted recently.

While this site helps to see deleted tweets, it is important to note that it is not 100% accurate. X frequently erased posts without completely deleting them from the platform, so some removed posts may still be reachable with the help of TwipU.


Q. How long does the Twitter archive take to send archive data?
Twitter archive takes approximately 24 hours to gear up your archive data.

Q. Are there any alternatives to the Snapbird website?
Yes, the Pikaso bot and MyTweetAlerts are also a third-party website to find deleted tweets.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have shared a complete guide regarding how to see deleted tweets. With the above-outlined methods, you can easily find deleted tweets that any X user has deleted. However, it is important to consider ethical standards and respect other’s privacy when trying to see others deleted posts.