How To Solve The Internet Stuttering – 100% Working Solutions

Internet Connection Stuttering
Internet Connection Stuttering

The World Wide Web (Internet) is used for communication and data and information sharing on the planet. It is an organization of small networks in such a way that creates a big network. It also allows people to communicate. The internet is created through connection using different devices like routers, switches, hubs, and computers, lots of computers.

Gamers, sporting clients, and now even telecommuters depending on a home web association having a continuous encounter are fundamental. That is the reason it is such an inconvenience when your internet creates problems and disturbs your experience. Internet the source of knowledge today for medicine, education, Social Sciences, Business, etc.  In this article, we will discuss what is internet stuttering and how to solve it.

Internet Is Stuttering
Internet Is Stuttering

What is Internet Stuttering?

An internet connection has become a standard for most things in the world today. The penetration of the internet has grown significantly in the past few years. China, India, and the US have the most number of internet subscribers today.

Still, internet users are addicted to faster internet speed. The slow it runs, the more it creates frustration. Internet stuttering is the slowing down of the internet speed and it can occur due to many reasons. Internet connection stuttering                can happen because of many reasons and one of them is heavy internet usage. Online Game playing is one of the common reasons why the internet stutters. This can be seriously troublesome for clear reasons.

Why Is My Internet Stuttering
Why Is My Internet Stuttering

What Causes Internet Stuttering?

Encountering internet stuttering is quite confusing. When the internet stutters it looks like everything is working fine but, it creates a lag in between whenever you are doing something. Below are the reasons for internet stuttering why your internet could stutter?

  • Bandwidth is no big enough.
  • The modem has not rebooted for quite some time.
  • Unreliable internet connection.
  • Distance between the router and the devices.
  • Heavy applications consuming internet speed.
  • The router might be old not supporting the internet.

One important thing to keep in mind, these are the problems that occur on your side. If the above-stated reasons do not apply to your problem, then it should be the problem with the internet service provider.

Internet Stuttering
Internet Stuttering

Solution of Internet Stuttering:

The most simple and easy solution to internet and Wi-Fi stuttering is to restart the modem or router. This can clear out the router’s data and make it work faster. If this does not solve the problem then here are some solutions to help you out.

  • Place the router at a central place in the home.
  • Monitor your network speed regularly.
  • If the problem persists, run a troubleshooter on your modem.
  • Change your DNS Server.
  • Purchase a new connection.
  • Do not run applications that require heavy bandwidth.
  • Do not allow more than 4 to 5 users on your network.
  • Turn off the firewalls if it is not allowing good internet speed.


Internet stuttering is a common issue and it can cause problems to anyone.  If the spectrum of the internet keeps dropping then you should try the above-stated solutions to confirm if the problem is occurring from your side. The solutions can be implemented anywhere on any network.